LOL @ these super lyricists trying to dumb shit down and deliver catchy lyrics

THEY FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL @ joell looking like a nigga that chases ice cream trucks

yaawaaaa is the gayest signature ever

the equivalent to blowing kisses everytime you walk in a room

faggot shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

watching these guys try to make hits is some of the most entertaining shit in rap right the crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crooked is getting his hairline spray painted on by shady stylists and botox so he can sell super lyrical trash rap on fag beats to retard eminem fans

how is that not hilarious!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

LOL @ crooked i being 33

welcome to hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!

nigga was holding weed for suge well into his 40s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these idiots have no idea whats coming

LOL @ joe buddens whole career as a recording artist never did one good project failed on every level

def jam built him and destroyed him in one album cycle

any one hit wonder you can think of has a better legacy than joe buddens


vanilla ice dance moves >>> joe buddens music

royce was lobotomized by patron shots and zombie eminem hes FINISHED

gay stylist:"joell you should wear a bandana... thatd be crazy"

*puts on bandana*

joells inner conscience: "i look crazy right now"


i suspect even gay sober eminem at some point will realize hes a complete faggot for signing slaughterhouse

and hell stat quo them to cope (shut down and OD while the label terminates thier contracts)

is yelahoof still around?!

he still liking this whole rap thing?!!?


shady reboot been a huge failure and the sluaghterhouse LP is gonna cap it off!!!!!!!!!!

4 guys who are losers on their own...

are super losers in a group!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ive never seen a super group consisting of 4 losers...

thatd be like calling 5 scrubs off the bench the dream team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL @ dudes not being able to contain the giggles ina gay green screen dance video with cee-lo

^^ does not strike me as somebody who knows what day it is

marshall mathers got tsang sungd by interscope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they took his soul and ruined his life... got him paper though!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cant go anywhere but he can spend it from the house!!!!!!!!!!!

body guards and sleeping pills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eminem had a stroke after he OD'd in his mansion and since he survived jimmy forced him to put out more music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he doesnt wanna do it anymore but hes scared of jimmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

standout is the perfect example of who slaughterhouse appeals to...

type of geek to register to forums just to defend his favorite rappers like a faggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL @ joe buddens getting shot at by niggas on pedal bikes

LOL @ joe buddens getting trashed in a fair one by a 19 year old kid