What's causing the increase of death's with this nasty disease? I think it's soon going to overthrow heart-disease as the number 1 cause of death amongst North Americans, if it already hasn't.

A person's diet could definitely be at the top, or your chosen profession (Fire Fighter comes to mind) but it seems EVERYBODY is getting it some way, some how, and no matter how you try to alter your lifestyle, it seems inevitable you'll soon succumb to catching it, whether it's now, or sometime in your lifetime.

I know people who've been healthy all their life, and then when they hit their 50's *BAM!* they end up with Pancreatic Cancer or something, and I'm speaking about people who've never been overweight, exercised regularly, were vegetarians, and worked in an office all of their life without exposure to severe toxins or chemicals....

what's the cause of increase?????