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    gun to your throat, cinder blocks to your feet so you won’t float / net tha gross, egg roll embryo rappers presto chango ‘n’ I remain hella Anglo / never tha less how faces change upon tha pesos / I got ragin’ beef with innocuous MCs who float in fleets / cock tha hammer, aim ‘n’ throw vocals by tha 16th / flabbergast tha populous, I feast a booth with no condiments / dominant over recessive, I stay connected like electrical conduits / with negatory positive charges, my darts are armed with arson / I get paid for 16 bars at a bar mitzvah, snortin’ methamphetamine with his cousin ‘n’ his older sister / I smirk sinister in pictures as my signature, flow on tha mic on openin’ night at Martha’s Vineyard / centered, I get deep up in her / call me tha swindler, I binge Knolege God Science ‘n’ then purge, ‘n’ vent what I emote crisply / lamp hella Twisted in tha chrysalis, revelate tha existence of spirit / resonated, turn up your hearin’ aide kid / I flame ‘n’ reign top tier like tha candles on a wedding cake…
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