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    stuck in physical prison, existent with no assistance, huntin’ for Justice, Equality ‘n’ Wisdom / no color lines of other kinds shine like rainbows thru tha prism, my brain blows thru many strains of izm/ Rhythm And Poetry, true school Hip Hop ‘n’ rap purity shows my fury, radioactive like tha Curries / fuck cash flow ‘n’ currencies, I got a cache of flows written with smidgens of obscurities / my backpack rap is vicious, Science is tha catalyst of the Apocalypse plus also tha beginnin’ / I’m wicked ‘n’ Twisted like Olympian gymnasts, I chill like a glacier, spittin’ verbal fantasia / when I dine, I refrain from swine ‘n’ crustaceans, when tha Beast put forth tha heads, it’s time for amputations / retain tha crowns, I’m like 10 times a 4 pound, bound ‘n’ gag tha track ‘n’ cut it up 'n' down to tha ground…
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