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Thread: For all my book cats

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    Default For all my book cats

    To all my book cats:

    Taken from The Physics of Miracles by Richard Bartlett

    "A young man shared an incredible story with me at one of my seminars. This man had been illiterate all his life, and yet he had devloped his own unique way of reading. He would go to the library, check out a book that 'looked interesting,' and take it home. Unable to read it in a conventional manner, he would put it under his pillow at night and literally sleep on the information. The next day when he awoke, his mind would inexplicably 'know' what was in the book.

    And perhaps equallly amazing, the greater the number of people who had checked out the book previously, the greater access he had to the knowledge within the book. So if few people had read it, the details the man received were considerably sketchier in the scope and quality of the information he would receive. I believe that he was able to perform this amazing feat because of the existence of morphic fields that Sheldrake talks about."

    I can say for sure this worked for me, i put a book under my pillow and slept on it one night then later i made a song with a very specific phrase and then a few days later i started reading the book and that very same unique phrase was contained within the book itself.

    I'm pretty happy about reading this book because it helped open my mind even more to these strange types of phenomena

    What do ya'll think about this type of shit? Anyone else know of any books that will literally change the way you perceive reality? (yeeeah!! what do you think of my powers now?)

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    Heres my evidence for all yall.

    First of all i put this book under my pillow. It's Breaking Open The Head by Daniel Pinchbeck.

    So after doing this a day or two later, i recorded a diss to Brechin city, Scotland with the phrase that says "Scotland Needs to Realise What a Piece of Fucking Shit it is" with a repeating echo effect

    it goes kinda like this:

    "Scotland Needs to Realise what a piece of fucking shit it is-fucking shit it is-fucking shit it is"

    Listen Here: https://www.box.com/s/2ee4e9d06e7d8fe6e039

    Then two or more days later i started reading my book and when i got into it, i saw this on one of the pages.

    It goes:

    "Fucking piece of shit!
    Fucking piece of shit!
    Fucking piece of shit!"

    Look here:

    (What do you think of my powers now!?)
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