It is an independent collection of instrumental hip-hop underground. The collection of young and mature, novice and experienced, but certainly interesting and talented young men whose work could not be seen.
The purpose of this book is only to show how hip-hop and what we are interested in hip-hop we can do. This is a look at that, when this culture has found a golden dawn and leaked to us by leaps and bounds has passed through the streets, entrances, neighborhoods, districts, minds. This is a derivative of the hiss of the old tapes in the recorder and the recitative of the dynamics of the time had not yet clear language, it attempts to write to the VCR first hip-hop videos, is searching for interesting vinyl records, a "Wild Style", is the emblem of Onyx on the fences and entrances, is scrawled on desks name of hip-hop teams in school ...
This is something that can show your friends, this is something that will complement the breakfast, lunch or dinner, it's an appetizer, this is what was supposed to emerge from the shadows, it's a breath of fresh instrumental hip - hop the air, it's Underground Instrumental Hip-Hop for Dummies