Expendables 3 Gets a new cast mate. SLY Tweeted last night who this person is.

"Wesley Snipes has been released from prison in Pennsylvania a few days ago, and… he just landed a role that is not a straight to DVD movie. Looks like Snipes will be teaming up with an old friend and I feel it’s a perfect fit. That friend is Sylvester Stallone and he tweeted this last night -
@TheSlyStallone: @TheSlyStallone Wesley Snipes is BACK!!!! … …with US.
Its encrypted or not very detailed but we all know what it means right? Wesley Snipes looks to be apart of the cast for Expendables 3, what else is Sly working on and with his earlier tweets are about Expendables 3.
Before the Snipes Tweet he also Tweeted he would like Mel To Direct the next Expendables, as in Mel Gibson. No word from Mel but as of right now no director has been selected for Expendables 3.
I like That snipes will be apart of Expendables and he will fit well, as for Mel Gibson… I like Mel’s work so I would like to see what Mel Would bring and I feel he could bring a more story telling film."