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Oh, and in the vid I've posted, those 4 parts are the parts of the sphynx which is said to be the gateway to immeasurable power.

Using that chart that Flacon put up, the characters were killed off in a symbolic way as well. Man representing air, was killed in dirt (earth). Ox/bull representing earth, was killed off in a tub of water. The eagle representing water was killed using fire. The lion representing fire was to be killed using air/poisonous gas, but was stopped by Holmes. Each sign was attacked with the opposite sign.

i got the right movie this time - but anyway ....

maybe the lion being the only one who survived is supposed to be the great lion of judah -

i'm not seeing how the 4 was morphed into the sphinx though - i thought the sphinx was just man and lion.

didn't even start watching the movie btw - but a story of killing them off may be a way to distract from what was really written on the walls