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    Quote Originally Posted by GHETTO GOD View Post
    this faggot eats dick rings and cum like cereal

    u and robby probably blow each other for cock pics
    Says the guy^ who just survived 14 days of cataclysmic herpe outbreaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by WACKCLOUD AKA FLOOR TILE TANK View Post
    Hahahaha what's it like to be the 'hanger-on'? Having your pic taken with a couple doesn't count for shit, We all know you've never had any hot chicks back at your tile-cave, we've only seen pics of you with stank ass ho's in hotel rooms.

    You're basically the male equivalent of this ugly ass ogre..

    You're the dude that guys take to a club to make them feel better about themselves and lump with an ugly chick so they can bang her hot friend.

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