Son, I hope you shoot for the Sea of Tranquility
even if you miss, you’ll still be among the constellations
In all things you do, I pray you do them to the best of your ability
and know that God is with you as you strive to achieve your heart’s aspirations

Some people are patriotic and God-fearing sporadically
Some are methodic, even robotic, yet ironically still act erratically
Some are idiotic; they’ve been blessed but they flip-flop tragically
But to all whose passion for nation and faith is infallible, I applaud you emphatically

In retrospect, she was mine from the start;
destiny would our sacred union bring.
She signed her name across my heart,
with a quill from an angel’s wing.

I’m a dude with swagger and moves like Jagger
who’s too elusive if a backstabber foolishly chooses to use his dagger
I refuse to let these Medusas and Judases matter
One jab, Lucifer staggers; if only the stupid brute knew who’s badder

So lovely,
in only her skin she's dressed
our lips gently press
her eyes caress my every request
blessed beyond measure
any pleasure I suggest is met with success
my special treasure
I rest my head against her tender breast
tethered forever
for better or worse, together we nest
rendered consensually helpless
filled with bliss and zest on this intimate quest
heaven's high, right here
all we hear is the night sigh as we ride the crest

She whispers sweet everythings in my ear
nothing else matters when she's near
I fell for her quietly and softly, like a tear
and her kisses are secrets she tells to my lips for only us to hear

Hold me tight
I want to reap eternity with what we sow tonight
turn off the light
I lay you down like the setting sun
you spread as the heavens, like an auburn horizon
you are a star in the sky of our bed
I gaze upon you
I wish to have a little taste of this bliss
a million times
and shower you with love
until dawn, when you start your day
like the coming of May and you are the first flower


Leviathan tries to slip sheisty Delilahs in my mind, to trick it
But I’m a lion in the thicket spyin’ on the wicked
with a ticket to Zion
where the Messiah and I will shine like Orion;
‘cause from sin I’m acquitted

It’s been said, "Men cannot live by bread alone."
One can be the best fed, yet still be prone to certain death of flesh and bone
In the end, those that have shed their skin and fled from sin will defend the throne
of the gentle Shepherd
who bled, atoned, and pled to God for His chosen souls then led them Home

I'm in it for the passion of Mission, not unabashed recognition
It's sad that so many non-believers aren't wishin' they had this position
I'm fishin' for men, women, and children to add to the Kingdom's admission
and with complete submission to His will, my one ambition's to keep the Christian tradition

Sometimes she leads me on
to her secret places
where Venus would plant gardenia fields under sakura
if she could know what my love and I do together there