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Thread: American Juggalo

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    Default American Juggalo

    Watch this shitttt.
    It'd either make you hate juggalos more, prove what you already know, or just fuckin................iono tell you more bout em.
    It's cool.


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    Juggalo's are fucking gay.......they can juggle-o my balls in their pretty makeup covered mouths...

    though at the "Gathering" they do get some sick acts

    edit: On the real though, it's good there's an outlet liek this for fans to get 2gether and jam out with one-another.

    I just got back last week from Heavy MTL in MOntreal, and this shit had the same sort of atmosphere, but obviously very different festival, and attendees.....

    overall I can't stand the group, and the majority of fans "I" have interacted with have been white-trashbag hillbilly base-heads, who smell like shit and have no sense of personal hygene or manners......that being said, to each their own, but it doesn't mean I gotta like it...

    nice vid
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