blinkin light like vegas: the chemical playlist
lyrical rages on pages the mage is outrageous
stages of progress so-called left the prophet
caged in the cell scrawled walls with the project
recidivism decision I never forgot the mission
evacuate, my heart rate translates to intuiton
ammunition for schisms, I'm invertin the great seal
like a cyclone, weatherman gonna cut deck and deal
it's real, a silver washington got you in the game
wage for dues paid crews made all the same
raid the insane steepled sheep the people
in the name of the reign of the strictly unequal
you can't trip like I do, whole world be see thru
it's pixelated when I'm faded, If you played it I seek you
if they wanna politic we can throw them a party
like a fast ball, this is a cast call for a film that I'm starring
in as an unmasked psychedelic veteran
tasked with the gas hits of mathematic medicine
that just made me so sick with the kick snare supremacy
enemies scared stunt and trick with my memory
pickin up mad signals, sort thru ambiguity
cuz they sendin me the raw terror in such quantity
my odyessy punctuated by blue red and sirens
they can't breed it out of us: property and violence