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Thread: Game On! (Mekk_Pilot ignition)

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    Default Game On! (Mekk_Pilot ignition)

    blinkin light like vegas: the chemical playlist
    lyrical rages on pages the mage is outrageous
    stages of progress so-called left the prophet
    caged in the cell scrawled walls with the project
    recidivism decision I never forgot the mission
    evacuate, my heart rate translates to intuiton
    ammunition for schisms, I'm invertin the great seal
    like a cyclone, weatherman gonna cut deck and deal
    it's real, a silver washington got you in the game
    wage for dues paid crews made all the same
    raid the insane steepled sheep the people
    in the name of the reign of the strictly unequal
    you can't trip like I do, whole world be see thru
    it's pixelated when I'm faded, If you played it I seek you
    if they wanna politic we can throw them a party
    like a fast ball, this is a cast call for a film that I'm starring
    in as an unmasked psychedelic veteran
    tasked with the gas hits of mathematic medicine
    that just made me so sick with the kick snare supremacy
    enemies scared stunt and trick with my memory
    pickin up mad signals, sort thru ambiguity
    cuz they sendin me the raw terror in such quantity
    my odyessy punctuated by blue red and sirens
    they can't breed it out of us: property and violence

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    unnatural high, scientific synthetic
    grants access to the ethereal tactical magic
    I'm a practical addict to the mathematical chaos
    radical play cuz the image betrayed us
    hertz by the kilo, crashin like cymbals
    bass from the thunder, god it's so simple
    I'm that ghost rider drivin cattle cross the sky
    I straddle my ride then I battle the eye
    heaven-born captain before I went major
    the stranger that questions patterns of behavior
    a tournament player, single elimination
    with your shield or on it come back to the nation
    vibrations manifest brainwave collision
    only way to pass the test is to make the decision
    dimensions unfolding, and the gatekeepers told me
    don't take those uppers along on this journey
    but I ignore them, I scored when I bent the pitch up
    rising fastball, speed to rip the stitch up
    my niche uprising, we enterprisin
    start up to success or die tryin
    entreprenuer of the madness, panic has risen
    try goin the opposite way; this is vector addition

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    walkin the master's walk, summit to summit
    and if you got somethin dope then drum it...run it
    from the command prompt cuz you earned men
    but I control three like you can move ten, so then
    when the transmission hits, take the watch off ya wrist
    time is meaningless on my level...you just exist
    as a victor or victim, dope politicking
    leaves heads in the red zone, the dead own the system
    MC's play this game and lose all their wives
    or lives, same thing, other cells in their hives
    till arrives the boss burdened with the dopest nectar
    and soon the ill seed takes over the sector
    and I'm the ressurector of the style file navigation
    counter intelligence/intelligence my specialization
    fresh for the nation this produce uncommodified
    designer recognized, an ill will alive
    still in the game, because there is nothing else
    and anyway if I quit I couldn't live with myself

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    attitude adjustment:

    I didn't beat a murder charge just to sit here watchin
    you run a fucking game on my family with talkin
    I'm known for rockin, attempted murder pled to willful injury
    keep this shit up they're gonna know you as my victim for centuries
    fuck ya sentries...I ain't wearin no ring
    I'm gon sneak the fuck up and bring what I bring
    A symmetric, motherfuck, they got me on this straitjacket regimen
    chemical medicine runnin head games on the veteran
    do you wanna play a set once I'm done with my bid?
    when I get these knives out you'll know why they call me the kid
    straight id, I go reptillian, I ain't fightin I'm killin
    And I don't give a fuck if you think you're civilian
    you don't want me to represent what I stand for
    pardon my language I'm dangerous I trip hardcore

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    ACT II; Scene I:

    the village idiot wearing the A:

    with the sound and fury of the tale told
    rolled dice for gold trip 6 then explode
    18 weapons I'm steppin out the door of the zeppelin
    ...reppin panic since nine eleven
    she said love was stronger than fear, but it's no longer near
    we're just partners in crime and the divorce is here
    so I'm sailin to terror to conquer terra firma
    seekin el dorado hit the lotto got the glima to burn ya
    earn ya eclipse, bear witness to fitness
    the orthodox suck cocks I'm sinister like business
    deal this death, my victims like cards
    I just shuffle then cuss all ya fools in my yard
    get the fuck off my lawn, my earth, I worked for it
    for what it's worth, ya'll players can't score it
    I tore it with the plow, how ya like me now
    throwin rocks bust shots flash ya camera, wow
    you can't capture this image and imitate it
    that's like grabbin ya dick to masturbate it
    I can't tell you something you don't already know
    the chemicals got me centerfolds before I was even pro
    grow ya own dopeness, ya'll be hopeless
    Im on this eight-legged steed about to rope this
    golden calf that thought his math was potent
    now I count it as chattel I'm the cattleman, rodent

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    machete a la derecha, sawn off izquierda
    cuz I'm left eyed right handed and I be askin where'd the
    old time religion go to, bring ya guns to church meetings
    seeding brides, stayin alive in the land of mortal kombat greetings
    beating games ace this nintendo galaxy that's spinnin
    true women bringin soul in, luck when I'm high rollin, winnin
    seein the earth from mars, got here with mad scars and no ink
    ....and I don't give a fuck what you think
    these pills are will murder, ill enslavement
    but someday I'm gettin out of the basement
    maybe the mistake was losin my face when
    I blew up that eightball, now I'm goalie masked like jason
    but I'm always bombin tragedies
    for these clowns showin a badge to me
    ya raggedy andy, I crush like hard candy
    burst with flavor savor the space of the land He
    promised me when I master the art of management
    organizin surprisin inflictin mad damage when
    I gotta move under the surveillance, my bonds ain't covalent
    but don't call them ironic, I'm mad serious, scalin
    mad mountains of grain I loaded in the mack truck
    wack fuck, you ain't insane, mainframes I hack, what

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    you think you flowin leader I'm captainin galleons
    violence, eat ya beef, I just diced up some scallions
    rallyin cry, do or die, I just flood and break god damns
    flow jams unknown man, I terminate programs
    horse to a trojan, try it, I'm LRRP like Wyatt
    my gun burps you buy it, you need to learn to riot
    I'm off the reservation...reconquering nations
    the information on guerilla radio stations
    enemy propaganda the total environment
    I'm culture jamming it til death: no retirement
    cuz I'm married to the game we ain't no friends with benefits
    ...my effortless eminence be the evidence
    ascendent dominance preordained by providence
    and even an agnostic got to aknowledge this
    some suckas keep it so real that they fake the funk
    they spit some wack math and I break their junk

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    (classic mekk anthem)

    I'm piloting my mekk while ya combat systems stay dormant
    how my spost to know you wouldn't contact an informant
    if I gave you the codes to arm yaself and go to war
    ...man, what you think the drugs are for?
    see I dropped this rude acid, I volunteered for infantry
    runnin thru the jungle it's a paranoia symphony
    in country, death could be hiding behind any tree
    like a virus in the text of the jungle book that I read
    you gotta rearrange reality
    to see the snipers and the powers in their seats up in the canopy
    you think this is some kind of fantasy
    well I ain't puttin down my weapon till my people are free
    anyway you can't come back once you've seen what I've seen
    so pack intuition and ammunition that's what you need
    but beware, the unit's known for its casualties
    so whatcha wanna do man? dare to believe

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    warrior class hears my flow like mass reacts to gravity
    priests help the pharaoh enslave, they makin men machinery
    obscenely obsessed with efficiency, and my mission be
    revealing the reckoning beckoning behind the glistening
    glitter, but I'm a dirt spitter, the future farmer
    the ghost risin from the rustic folk...they my armor
    mad resilience, true grit, can't replace it with industry
    they threw me in the classroom, tried to school me in empathy
    but the rebel has no sympathy for those who live by systema
    enemy's frequencies deny supremacy in the
    inna court ya best abort ya wack operation
    ya couldn't down the master of faster vibrations
    past the mind racin, knight move two and one adjacent
    you'll capture this peace when the east can replace him
    I'm scandinavian, son, don't call me caucasian
    legendary runner master gunner of the free state persuasion

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    quiet as kept, a quiet storm
    players are made, warriors born...

    war rock vs invaders from space, man
    war rock vs invaders from space, man
    planet rock diaspora displacement
    these architects wanna hold me in the basement

    war rock vs invaders from space, man
    war rock vs invaders from space, man
    planet rock I'ma pull out the ace when
    these architects wanna design an enslavement

    when I chief up, cops, they wanna murder me
    he says sit for ten minutes, he knows that's an eternity
    fuck em burnin me, two strikes but I'm walkin
    call it eludin but wack fucks try electroshockin
    I'm addicted to the fear where resonates the wrath anthem
    kinfolk under yoke but I ain't payin tax ransom
    handsome and civilized, but then I'm recognized
    as the ill defense intelligence, their worst fear realized
    I get up on a cloud and I'm summoning aircraft
    baudelaire math, this videogame is a rare draught
    I drank it down now clowns want me to wild out
    and have me starring in a cell block, but I'm about
    to be patient...as I wait on this choke point
    ...and roll a battle drum like a dope joint
    smoke signal corps war bonnet I'm puttin on it
    gonna dust these dinosaurs when I call down the comet

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