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Thread: Step up and battle Twisted Science (he's in jail and posting on here)

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    Default Step up and battle Twisted Science (he's in jail and posting on here)

    Quote Originally Posted by Twisted Science View Post
    They call me Twisted Science aka Knolege God Cyphah. Iím a MC locked down for tha next 10 Ĺ yrs. I didnít even know I was on here till the other day. Iím from L.A. I gotta post via my Mom n snail mail. Iím open for battles.

    Then he has a thread in Temple of Darts with just his rhymes

    People need to battle him.. he's in jail, gives him something to do

    Plus I just support someone so dedicated to posting on here he has his mom snail mail his rhymes and the responses. I figure the more he posts there should be some jewels


    That's the thread.
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    i think he entertains himself by pretending to be in jail with a computer and endlessly typing out generic textcee raps


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    i don't think so
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