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Thread: Why do some White Men think that Black men are chairs?

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    he pimped himself for the RNC "make my day". he used to be a dude who would NEVER drop catch phrases for the media.

    he used to be my hero. now he's just a shallow husk of a man

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    smash that then skeet in her face so it doesnt get wrinkly due to lack of melanin

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    Quote Originally Posted by STYLE View Post
    all joking aside, end the war tomorrow, dissing the vp for dropping the f bomb, promoting green policy, change...all part of the obama platform in 2008. LOL this shit is cray.
    LOL for real? didnt check the whole thing made me cringe


    Obama 2012, mitt is a delusional faggit but half these republicans operate on fraudulent economic ideology and military ideology that evidently has not worked for american but only increased income disparities and global hatred for america

    for realla if half those military black projects had been diverted to fund infrastructure and social deveopment and efficient market regulation, America wouldnt be such a place in (relative not absolute decline)

    academic rant over

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