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    Default emulators and roms

    Just got the nes one on my phone. Do you all got any recommendations for more or some classic games?

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    Just for the NES? RC Pro AM is mad addictive! Not sure what it will play like on a phone though...

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    I got punchout , gunsmoke, and pro am just got a n64 emulator . Never played it before so I'm trying to find what games are good.

    On the galaxy the nes controls feel like the real thing

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    For the NES, Get these:

    The Punisher, Strider, Ninja Gaiden 1, 2 & 3, Bionic Commando, T&C Surf Designs, Friday the 13th.

    As for n64: Golden Eye 64 & Super Smash Bros. (of course)

    If you want to play the shittiest game of all time, get Superman for n64.

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