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Then the lessons are simply not right and exact.

Yacuub, an original man, was succesful in his undertakings cuz he told peeps what to do or they paid with their lives. They did it cuz they fear him.

The devil put fear in him when he was a little boy, means that Yacub is the devil.

Yacub cannot be original man and devil at the same time (law of non-contradiction).
No Sir.

These 2 statements, are from 2 different sections of the Lessons.

"...Law was given to the doctors, the ministers, the nurses and cremator."
Everyone on the Island did not have Yacob's Law
The rank and file did not know they were part of an experiment

The statement:
"...the Devil put fear in him when he was a little boy."
Is referring to what is/was happenning in North America
Yacob is not even mentioned in this section of the Lessons