we regressed for the first time at the end of the month because i think we've expended our capacity on the advertising avenues at hand. A blog will break open new ground and as that develops we're going to push paid advertisement more, but i have to wait for the videos.

Also with everyone getting ready for independence week (nigeria) we have a backlog of people that are going to help promote once they're done promoting their own shit (from last week till the sixth)

My entire team comprises of women, men's blood gets too hot and they take gambles on ridiculous shit, but there's a lot of ego management you have to deal with. Where as with women if you can get them passionate about something, they'll work like oxen. Men can never completely own someone else's idea because they're all about their own interest where as women can let it go.

We work very independently and I avoid micro management. We have a PR exec. that's incharge of the advertisement team, a VP that makes sure everyone's on their job and all the legal/logistical needs are met, and an online manager that handles the tumblr majemedia.tumblr.com, facebook www.facebook.com/majeofficial and all other social media outlets except twitter (I want a presence in all social media outlets)