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Thread: Slaughterhouse: Welcome to Our House review

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    Default Slaughterhouse: Welcome to Our House review

    1) The Slaughter: Typical intro

    2) Our House: For the first track this is a very slow paced one at best. The beat itself isn't one that works with any of the flows, and falls a bit flat. Eminem's vocals are obnoxious, and his inclusion to the album...is one of it's downfalls.

    3) Coffin: This is a very early filler song, and depending on your city, a club song. The guest appearance is wasted by Busta, since he's just on the hook.

    4) Throw That: As stated, the inclusion of Eminem ruins this song (album), and the subject matter as well makes this sound like a d-12 reject, and not in a good way

    5) Hammer Dance: The moment I heard this song start I knew they snagged the melody of KoRn's ''Falling away from me''. Early in the album this is the better of the first five songs

    6)Get up: A solid song, nothing amazing

    7) My Life: EASILY the WEAKEST song I've heard from this group. Period. The beat itself sounds like a cast off of Recovery, which sucked

    8) We Did It: sounded like it was leading up to a great song.......and ...it didn't

    9) Flip a bird: A VERY obnoxious way the hook repeats, the overly cliche subject matter....it sucked

    10) Throw It away: What about this song could I say, that hasn't been said about Osama Bin Laden....terrible

    11) Rescue me: The beat is almonds, and though Skylar was on there I thought it was going to be a very commercial song, but it ended up being the best song on the album.

    12) Frat House: Terrible, they are too old to be trying to relate to college students with this nonsense topic

    13) Goodbye: A VERY sad sounding song when it came to their lyrics, they were ALL on point with the emotions in it.

    14) Park it sideways: And like the tradition this album created, after a good/ok song, they ruin the vibe with a shitty one. And here....is the shitty one

    15) Die: This song sounds like it could of been on their debut album, a very basic instrumental beat, but it works great. Solid song

    16) Our Way: A very dark beat, and I wish the whole album had this, and for the standard release (minus the bonus songs), this was a decent ender to a crap album to be honest

    Bonus songs:
    17) Asylum: The ONE time that Em's inclusion on the album worked, this is a cool song even with the D-12/Em vibe to the subject matter

    18) Walk of Shame: A throw away song, you can tell why this was a bonus.

    19) The Other side: Yet another song that should have been on the album, the hook is overly commercial, but the beat and verses are good, and could have replaced 'Throw it away'

    20) Place to Be: The final of the bonus songs, a very modern sounding beat, and works on various levels for the song itself. It has the radio crossover feel that this album is ramming down your throat, but isn't terrible like many of the other songs. The trading verse dynamic they used was great, and I wish they would have used it on the rest of the album. Could have and should have replaced 'Frat house' or that GOD AWFUL ''My life''

    Overal: 5.5 out of 10. WAY too many crap songs, and with only about five out of twenty that have any sort of replay value (and that you have include the bonuses to even make five listen worthy songs) is why it's rated so low.

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    no one that i've talked to that's listened to the album (some being fans of the first one) had anything good to say about this

    every site that's reviewed or talked about this album says it's trash. i heard like 3 songs of it and couldnt get past the first 45 seconds of the songs

    not that i was dissappointed cuz i honestly don't think budden and crooked i are any good at all, so to me the group sucks anyway. and shady as a music label is a joke. everyone should know that by now. he should've kept d12 on, even without proof, all the other guys are pretty talented (minus bizarre but he's a special case) and obie trice too, but now, he's lost in obscurity. yelawolf was raw til he met up with shady and they totally watered his shit down
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    is this better than ICP albums?
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    Quote Originally Posted by food for thought View Post
    is this better than ICP albums?
    I'd say even they're better than this shitty group

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    TheFunkyDrummer, you dissing Slaughterhouse? I hope you aren't because they're good rappers except for Joe Buddens LOL.

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