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Thread: RA EL presents Visionz of an Artiste

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    Default RA EL presents Visionz of an Artiste

    Creator of the Sci-fi /Hip Hop trilogy Noir World returns with his most ambitious project - “Visionz of an Artiste”. A collection of 7 amazing stories that is also a virtual art exhibite. RA EL builds his repertoire with 12 paintings focusing on portraiture and abstraction. The bloke paints as if he is in Chateau d’ Amboise. A cultivated draftsman and an extraordinary gentleman in the league of Picasso and Basquiat. All art work in this production is available to dealers and connoiseurs.

    Visionz of an Artiste is available now in all digital formats!

    Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0B7s...ature=youtu.be

    Preview it here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/105453589/...-of-an-Artiste

    For inquiries contact: Hierogrammat@gmail.com


    Short Stories

    1. Dreamscape Corridor
    2. The Writing on the Wall
    3. Zaia Vibe
    4. He Who Came from the Deep
    5. Fragmentation
    6. Gangsta Jazz
    7. La Mika Glows through Heaven


    1. Caribbeana
    2. El Artiste
    3. Pharoah of Mother Goddess
    4. Equilibrium of Vision
    5. La Mika
    6. Basquiat Dream
    7. Fragtata
    8. Self Portrait (Prophet of Venus)
    9. The Passion Lovers
    10. Yooo!
    11. Self Portrait (Cat Daddy)
    12. Jazz City Hunter
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    My new lifestyle brand -http://www.viberael.com @viberael

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    Visionz of an Artiste is now available for download on Amazon kindle!
    My new lifestyle brand -http://www.viberael.com @viberael

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