"no topic"

when I look around all I see is desperation
I glance, kids quickly achieve perspiration
your hero, watch as I topple your origins
your rhymes debateable like apples and oranges
pussy, you best stay at school, kiss the nuns
kid, I stay waving my fist like hit and runs
and I be keeping the blunt, without the five
peers sense confusion, the mist clouds the mind
yall fags limping, couldn't perform with pressure
like ya hoe said, she always detour the pleasure
another, broken promises, pray you don't recover
nobody else raise evil as I play under the cover
and know I'ma clap at you, like deaths gang sign
throw up all five, kissin paper the dank shine
listening to the restless like engaging the Big L
prayer to profit as you throw change in wishing wells
fucking bitch, getting played up to get down
this ain't Vegas, but even the best intent drown