Onyx gettin lame with their internet only album release & Fredro tryin 2 get free publicity here by responding to the crackhead thas been goin off on almost everybody lately


"A lot of n*ggas think they Ironmen, they lying men," Fredro raps. "Just roll me in the lion's den/Talking about real hip-hop/I am him/A lot of haters want the fire to end, don't want the fire to wind/But I've got the fire and desire to win/Won't stop until I cop a f*cking flying Benz/This n*gga X talking sh*t right/If he ever try it again/Huh, he be in front of the firing pen/If his crew front, be a lot of dying men/At the funeral, family and crying friends/Let's get back to money/We go together like tire and rims/You wanna ball, we can go as high as the rim/So much weed smoke, time to call the fire men/We got the cocaine, n*gga, flying in/Any way you want it, any way you need it, my n*ggas be supplying them/When the new J's came out, I was buying ten..." (16 Bars W/ Firestarr)