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Thread: Icelandís Economy now growing faster than the U.S. and EU

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    i dont think anarchy would work. is that not getting rid of all class systems. u need some type of class system.

    i think very light left wing capitalism works best.


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    class isnt an issue in some countries because of the ease of upward mobility into bettter jobs versus other countries

    but its ingrained into the mind of many brits

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    As much as people knock the american system there's still something to be said about the upward mobility. People get mad because the 'top' have 'all the wealth' i suppose but the rest of us still have more than enough to live comfortably on and if we pursuit more it's just for fun and scorekeeping.

    I agree that the German system is better though. UK/US's system creates a situation where power is so tightly congealed in the upper class due to the unhealthy amount of wealth a person can rack up that it stifles democracy. I believe capitalism is best when several medium to small sized businesses compete with each other, but when one starts getting so big and disproportionately influential it kills the rest and creates dependence so that when that one tanks it's a national crisis.

    bigger businesses also make it harder for new business to start and thus wealth stays petrified in the upper class and everyone else is just allowed to 'survive'.

    I think highly reglated capitalism is good, especially if it's a capitalism that favors the small and medium business' and limits the amount of wealth someone can attain in a creative way.

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    gold backed currency doesnt exist, thats an illusion, that they want you to believe in.. QE causes billions of debt based cash to flood the system, there is no where near the level of gold, anywhere on the planet..

    gold / silver backed cash ended before the 70's, early 80's

    now its just centralized banks, that print money out of nothing.. then sell it to govts with added interest..

    Capitalism, cant work with out capitol.. There is no capitol.. lol

    we do not live in a capitalist world, more like cartelism,oligarchy, corporatism, plutocracy..

    in a FREE market the govts cant in and bail corporations..

    they're can be NO to big to fail business's in a genuine democractic/capitalist state

    I really recommend www.maxkeiser.com

    he shows and prooves the daily fraud commited DAILY by corporate elite, while the leaders of the nations, enforce no regulations or laws..

    in fact.. every time a major corporation does wrong.. rules and regulations are changed.. and the perpetrator says they made a mistake.. lol

    banks can de stabilize nations, and nothing happens to them., a man can steal a loaf of bread to feed his family.. and gets 6 months in prison..

    whose committing the bigger crimes?

    some short clips of max

    (max created some of the software/algorithms they use on wallstreet,, he knows all about high frequency trading.. scamming the system, what the banks do daily..one of the best whistle blowers of all time)

    max is dope!

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