i dont fight all the time and i dont go looking for trouble either. like i said my last fight i was defending myself and my home and the dude was at least twice my size. he thought he was a big badass and must have thought i was gonna drop into a fetal position like a lil bitch cuz of the size comparison.

last fight before that some dude hit me in the back of the head. i was drunk as a skunk too. i could tell by how hard he hit me he thought he was gunna knock me out. dude had about 50 lbs on me. next thing i know i had about 5 people trying to hold me back all the while hes still landing blows on me. i ate them all up like a champ while waitin for an oppurtune time to strike and "defend" myself. caught him right in his fuckin nose. blood running all down his chest. next thing i know hes in the kitchen sink like a punk.

what im trying to say is peopl think im intimidated by size because of my size. then they end up getting fucked up trying to test a champion when they not ready ready ready

fighting is fun when people dont act like bitches about it and theres no kids around. especially when u can get up and shake hands afterwards.

but yeah im closing in on 30 and dont see myself getting in a fight unless i get hit first.
and people do walk up and punch people alot. the vid prooves it. all those videos on WSHH and utube prove it