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Hip-hop will be real shitty with nothing but wackness. Most of our favorite Mc's will be in their 50's and will probably drop the mic. Wack Rappers like Drake, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa will be everywhere. Oh boy, we are in deep trouble. A lot of underground artsts today are wack too.... maybe im just stuck in the 90's but it is the best era.
I think hip hop is doing just fine and doesn't care about your opinion! In 10 years from now hip hop will still be living and some new acts will come up and you will still be going on about wu tang clan and onyx.

I can see now what's the biggest difference between hip hop and other genres. Hip hop is so drastically changing during the decades(because it's a reflection of life) the trends are changing with the speed of light, that older generations in most cases just can't adapt or recognize the new school, it was probably same around the time wu tang and boot camp click was blowing up, or when rapper's delight was recorded.