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Thread: Wu-Tang Baby Mama Tabatha Lewis Grinds Her Axe Against Raekwon

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    Default Wu-Tang Baby Mama Tabatha Lewis Grinds Her Axe Against Raekwon


    (AllHipHop News Feature) “Just know my kid is home, happy, healthy, and safe!”

    That was rapper Raekwon’s primary response to AllHipHop.com about the recent allegations made against him as a father and a provider. The trouble all started with a tweet and is likely to end in a draw – between a self-proclaimed misrepresented mother and the beloved rap icon she once befriended and bore a child with.

    On September 25 of this year, founding member of the legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon, tweeted the following:

    “Me n DonP w/big bub eating at a restaurant, $500 a plate.”

    That tweet prompted Raekwon’s oldest daughter’s mother, Tabatha Lewis, to speak out about the highly-respected Only Built for Cuban Linx rapper – and his alleged lack of parenting.

    Lewis stated:

    “…You have to become a parent! Just because you provided your DNA doesn’t make you a parent…”

    Blogs across the internet reported that Lewis, who met Raekwon in 1994 while she was a senior in high school and he was on the road in North Carolina, was homeless and lost custody of her child.

    Lewis alleges that Raekwon was never supportive from the beginning, noting that he already had a “girl” while she was pregnant, and wanted to “put her somewhere” for safe keeping and away from his public life.

    About their current state of affairs, Raekwon offered an impassioned response – not to attack Lewis – but in the best interest of his daughter:

    “Tell her I will deal with it at my leisure, and thank you! All she needs to know is my kid is fine, and she’s with me and my family. I wish this lady and her other child the best. I will not stain my loving child with these allegations. She’s happy, and she’s focused on her education thing heavy!!!

    “These things are way more important to me than a statement! I appreciate AllHipHop’s concern for my well being, but my kid hurts from this, so I will not attend that mess! You would think a mother wants to see their kid in a better space. But I don’t know and don’t care about her situation. She has to take responsibility for her actions!”

    Listen to audio below of AllHipHop.com’s exclusive interview with Tabatha Lewis
    , who wants to set the record straight about losing custody of her child, being homeless, and what Raekwon the chef is really like as a father: http://allhiphop.files.wordpress.com...-baby-mama.mp3
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    s Wu-Tang Clan Member Raekwon’s Baby Mama Homeless While He’s Eating $500 Meals? [Details]
    Posted by Rucuss staff on September 27th, 2012

    Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon is trying to make his way back into the rap game.

    Raekwon provided one hell of a verse on the song The Morning from G.O.O.D. Music’s new album Cruel Summer. His verse should open doors for more collaborations. While Raekwon waits for the next big thing, he apparently isn’t hurting for money. He tweeted on Sept. 25th, “Me n DonP w/big bub eating at a restaurant, $500 a plate!”

    Now Raekwon, whose real name is Corey Woods, didn’t reveal if he paid for the meal, but he did brag about it. A few of his followers retweeted the post. And one follower reached out to Futuristic Blogger to find out how Raekwon could spend $500 on meal when the mother of his child was homeless and sleeping with her children in a car. A car which later got repossessed.

    Futuristic called Raekwon’s baby mama, Tabatha Lewis, on the phone and talked about her situation. Tabatha, the mother of his oldest child, confirmed she is homeless in Charlotte, NC.

    Tabatha told HipHopNews24-7.com that Raekwon is allegedly behind several thousand dollars of child support. She said their child was recently removed from her care not by a court order or by choice, but because of the irresponsibility of Raekwon.

    There’s always two sides to a story and Raekwon has not commented on the situation. But until then, check out part 1 of a 4 part interview below.

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    this reminds me of some type of thread a female would post. baby mama?

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    Quote Originally Posted by food for thought View Post
    who cares
    Quote Originally Posted by check two View Post
    this reminds me of some type of thread a female would post. baby mama?

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    Big ups to are for handling it with class
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