Comedy gold.. These guys mugged Amir Khan the other day and posted a video in response to Amir saying he "knocked the gang of 6 muggers out."

All u dumb motherfuckers lickin amir khans dick the whole reason i made the video is cuz the pricks a snitch tryin to mke himself look good 6manz my ass he gt knocked the fuck out dnt need to prove it to any1 he knows what happened i know what happened. we gave his passport and stuff back because wanna prove bham manz aint tramps bham manz dnt let know pussy whole come to bham and acked like a hero defo not no bolton bum. The main reason he gt a beating is bcuz heard he likes having dinner with british army guys knowing them motherfuckers have been killin our brothers and sisters in iraq and afganistan so all u people writing shit dnt hurt me bcuz i feel good knowing i bangged him out and ill do it again its a great buzz. Nuff love for all the guys on my side.