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@ TSA i never even read your post

the main problem with africa is both internal and external

the governments dont represent the will of the people and line their own pockets instead.

if nigeria had been more clever and less corrupt, they woulda pulled a Norway and retained ownership over this oil and use the oil profits to invest shitloads into healthcare, education and the economy and had several billion in a rainy day fund

but like most african governments they were more focused on advancing their own power and that of their tribe.

of course you cant just get rid of tribal identity but some pluralism is needed

the other factor is the legacy of colonialism, the IMF and World Bank etc etc

idk if your referring to image in terms of african governments or african people in general but it isnt african people in general its the governments.

africa needs to follow some of the policies of india and china and not listen to retarded organisations like the IMF and World Bank, they need to protect their agricultural markets

africa would be ballin right now if they emulated the likes of botswana and ghana

but theres also other things. their agriculture is at quite a poor standard.

the typical farming method is to grow crops raise some goats and then eat the goats.

this is stupid cuz the goats eat all the crops (and trust me goats can eat like fuck) and then theres no more crops and the goats cant reproduce any more. and then theres nothing left to eat.

they shouldnt use goats cuz theyre more of a hassle than benefit. they should either just eat straight from the crops (which would mean theyre getting more energy intake cuz none o it is being lost through the goat) or they should raise up only small animals and eat both crops and small animals.

but the annoying things is these charity organisations which buy more goats for african farmers which actually will make their lifes worse off.

thats why i dont give 2 african charities. cuz they buy more goats which makes things worse and also its quite often going to a corrupt country and this means that money could be used to buy guns and other harmful things.