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Thread: Wu Tang: The Iron Fist Blu-ray Collection

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    Default Wu Tang: The Iron Fist Blu-ray Collection


    Wu Tang: The Iron Fist Collection movie is scheduled to be released Nov 06, 2012 by the Millennium Entertainment studio. .2250 min. A Collection of 25 films on Blu-ray featuring RZA and the entire Wu Tang Clang plus fan favorite Gordon Liu. Wu Tang: The Iron Fist Collection movie Memorable kung fu films such as Eagles' Claw, Hot Cool and Vicious, 18 Fatal Strikes and Dragon Claws included in this first of it's kind collection! Total film listing: Claws Hot, Cool, Vicious, Dragon Claws, Shaolin Mystagogue, Swirling Riders, Method Man, Fatal Strikes, Shaolin Master and the Kid, Shaolin Kung Fu Master, Sun Dragon, Renegade Master. Wu Tang: The Iron Fist Collection video Monkey Strikes Back, Swordsman v.9 Killers, Hit Man in the Hand of Buddha, Hellz Wind Staff, Death Duel of Kung Fu, The 18 Jade Arhats, Of Cooks and Kung Fu, 72 Desperate Rebels, Enter the Iron Fist, Iron Fist, Raging Masters Tiger Crane, Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick, Wu Tang Clan: Mystery of Kung Fu, Carry on Wise Guy.

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