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Thread: Now that wutang isnt uncool

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    Default Now that wutang is uncool

    do you still believe the lies they were told by black men that were too lazy to learn the truth that they believed until they reached their later to mid 30s then kinda dropped it even though they were really about it in their 20s?

    I had this guy ask me where i was from, i told him nigeria, he asked me how far it was from Ghana, i said it's about a 2 hour flight (Lagos to Accra) he told me did i know i descended from kings (because of my proximity to ghana). LOL wtf, no lol. Ghana sucks dude.

    but it made me wonder because he was on the verge of turning me into Killah Priests fat ass with his delusional laziness inspired revision of history based on gluing fictional black faces on to white people, cultures, ideas, and history. I think giving a revising and lazy version of history based on lies like wutang does is very dangerous to the development of black people.
    I think trying to prove the egyptians were black is fucking moronic when you're not learning anything from them or even shooting to. Anything real, not that fake Stylemasterr spirit beaver yoga shit but real actual things.

    Who gives a flying fuck if they were black? there are thousands of black cultures that don't need their blackness 'proven'. Why are they thrown to the side and dis-guarded while black people try to prove they're jews and greeks and egyptians. That's some slave shit bruh.

    so, now that wutang isn't cool, do you still believe in this revisionist blackfacing of white achievements and cultures?
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