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Thread: Now that wutang isnt uncool

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    Quote Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
    "me agreeing with certain points tsa made doesnt mean that im mentioning wu tang by proxy. i never mentioned wu tang or agreed with any points tsa made about wu tang therefore all things ur saying about them are irrelevant."

    so u don't agree that the people who taught Wu Tang are lazy....okay
    if ur refering to 5 percenters when u say "people who taught Wu Tang" then id say those 5 percenters are lazy.

    "they make many assumptions. such as the earth being trllions of years old that theres a tribe of shabazz that jacob from the people was a scientist. i think i already mentioned them. its very easy 2 see."

    as eye said weeks ago....history is murky subject and not very precise...furthermore...the things you disagree with about 120 is also an ASSUMPTION of yours too...nobody can prove it one way or another
    http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/dalr...age_earth.html heres a good page showing how old the earth is based on radiometric aging on metorites and rocks.

    now please show me any proof whatsoever that the earth is trillions of years old.

    "by using this simple logic it can easily b seen that its not my job to prove that certain dogma such as yakub is untrue. its instead the dogmatists (your) job to prove that this dogma is true."

    you are debating the issue therefore it IS YOUR JOB TO PROVE it untrue....eye on the other hand am not debating the issue...eye have said repeatedly history is murky and unprecise and that eye only use 120 to make mah self a better person and to give mah self a better perspective on history, theology and things of this nature...so personally...no...mah job is not to prove sum shit that happened 6,000 years to a lazy hard headed mothafucka such as your self!!!!!! Mah only concern is removing all devils from the planet earth so the babies don't suffer
    i think youll find ur also debating the issue. ur saying that my statements are wrong and that listening to european scientists are wrong when the first scientist who said the earth is 4.5 billion years old was an american. so u are indeed part of this "debate". one person cant debate by himself.

    and also the point of russell's teapot is to show that just cuz u cant prove something as untrue it doesnt mean that this something should be as accepted as true. i cant disprove that there is a pink teddy bear orbiting around our sun that is too small to be revealed by man's most poweful telescopes. does this mean that we should assume that it is true that a pink teddy bear is orbiting around our sun? most certainly not!

    "yes the earth is 4.5 billion years old based on scientific evidence. it was clair cameron patterson who first said the earth is 4.5 billion years old and hes american not european.
    the belief that the earth is trillions of years old is dogma with no evidence behind it. again use the logic of russells teapot."

    you can't prove shit....give it up
    again i repeat look at this http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/dalr...age_earth.html

    "i cant seem to find 1 quote with fard saying all that but ive heard many 5 percenters say that white people are weak and that theyre more weak and cuz theyve got recessive phenotype genes that theyre biologically inferior. ive heard many 5 percenters say similiar things as that piece from wikipedia."

    om sure you have heard that....personally eye live by supreme math and equality and personally eye feel everyone is equal and that everyone has the equal opportunity and potential to be God....EVEN FEMALES...the only thing eye can say for sure is that european cultures has undoubtedly taken 1st prize for the most diabolical shit done collectively...at least in this world age which ends on december 21st..
    possibly. but thats from earlier times when the world was a very different place. all peoples back then fought among themselves with the most powerful seizing power. native americans africans and nordic tribes used to fight among themselves all the time. only difference was that in europe an immense superpower would emerge like the romans who would be able to kill an entire nation.

    but if u look at the native americans that never happened cuz no tribe ever became powerful enough to do that and they never advanced that much sop they were only able to perform small raids and such but wasnt able to kill entire nations.

    "32. Tell us the mental and physical power of a real devil?

    ANS. The mental power of a real devil is nothing in comparison with the
    original man. He only has six ounces of brain, while the original man has
    seven and one-half ounces of brain which are original.
    The devil has six ounces of brain; they are grafted brains.
    The devil's physical power is less than one-third that of the original man.
    The devil is weak bone/weak blood because he is grafted from the original,
    therefore his mental and physical power is much weaker than the original
    man. "

    you need to take these questions to somebody else so you can get that chemical high you get in your brain when you engage in these bullshit debates....cuz om not da one....eye cee that degree as having NOTHING to with race....an original man is anybody who is living out the divinest culture....devils have six ounces of brain power because they eating dead animals(poison animal eater) and pop tarts and drinking beer and smoking newports and spending all their time on wu tang corp engaging in futile arguements and completely missing the bigger picture.....
    i wasnt talking about it being racist. its ignorant cuz it thinks people only have 6 ounces of brain

    "the intelligence of someone doesnt depend on the weight of their brain. also the average mass of a human males brain is 1325 grams according to paul broca who actually weighed brain. 7.5 ounces is 212.621 grams which is very small. and its again just dogma."

    like eye said from the begiinning....this is all roadblocks to keep your unworthy self away from the lessons and the 5 percent in general....for your own safety!!!!!!!
    so ur basicly saying 5 percenters make up bullshit which is ignorant so that people like me will be kept away from the lessons.

    so who do these lessons attract. if they attract people who think humans only have 6 ounces of brain then most of the 5 percenters dont have a very good understanding of life

    "i think i showed how that its wrong to say someone has become more evil. people stopped believing evil is an objective entity anyway. its not a surprising statement."

    anyone can become more evil
    how "evil" something is is a subjective opinion

    "i think its pretty safe to say majority of afro-centrists are 5 percenters but ok ive got no real proof that a 5 percenter said that the greeks were black."

    how da fuck did you get on this greeks is black shit?????

    who da fuck cares!!!!!!

    anyways...om kinda busy at the moment and eye cee the Traitors to the Cuban people have shown their ugly faces...eye will return!!!!!!!!


    we got on the greeks are black shit when i mentioned how some afro centrists hopelessly try and prove that greeks are black.

    i dont see what any of this has got to do with cubans.
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