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Thread: Now that wutang isnt uncool

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    from the title it sounded you wanted to talk about how nobody was fucking with wu much for a few years and now all of a sudden rza, rae and ghostface are poppin up all over kanye cd's
    cash rules. still don't nothin move but the money

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    "first off your knowledge on science isn't very good. you cant say that a colour vibrates. thats wrong.

    its light waves that vibrate. and the colour we see depends on the vibrations or frequency of these light waves."

    "Each colour has its own particular wavelength and frequency. Each colour can be measured in units of cycles or waves per second."


    and yes eye know the actual color we cee on an object is the color that was rejected...kinda like how you reject the truth

    "i said i'm not 100% sane because i don't think clean cut terms like sane and insane can describe people. everyone is a mixture of insane and sane. it varies from person to person how much of hem is insane and how much of them are sane."

    dude you fuckin insane!!!!!!

    if popa wu asked me if i thought how he deals with black peoples history is lazy then i wold say to him i think its lazy.

    sure you would!!!!!

    sorry mustve misread what you said. yes "white" will possibly not exist in the future because if a white person and a black person have kids the kids will be black.

    u think?

    but white people arent uniting from all around the planet to stop this happening. i dont know where youre getting that from.

    yes they are

    its funny because youre trying to say white people are trying to pollute the planet when it can easily be explained as bad side effects of industry.

    more sugar on shit from you

    similiar idea to how people arent cutting down forests for the sake of cutting down forests but are instead doing it to get wood for building materials books etc.

    more sugar on shit from you

    wickedness is an opinion and why exactly did a white man have to put the world on the brink of destruction for the sake of him building a civilisation.

    it doesn't matter why...the fact is they did

    youre missing some major points. first of all genghis khan never had an A-bomb so he couldnt do as much damage as people can do today.

    which is why genghis khan is nowhere near as terrible as the current world ruler

    yes the A-bomb was terrible but Americans did it to end the war the quickest way possible so their action can be justified to a certain extent.

    more sugar on shit

    if khan had A-bombs im pretty sure that hed be dropping them everywhere so he could conquer more lands and gain territory.

    whut a bunch of hypothetical bullshit


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    a colour isnt a physical entity. how can it vibrate if its not a physical entity.

    colour is a visual perception. not a physical entity.

    dogs and humans can see the same wave of light but dogs are colour blind and so they dont see red.

    this proves that colour isnt a physical entity and can therefore not vibrate or move in waves. its light that does this. not colour.

    i havent came across that site before but it was sloppy science when it said colour can be measured in waves.

    everything u said just seems to be u saying ur correct with no proper explanations so i'll ignore them except the point about genghis khan.

    u cant say someone is better because they didnt have the tools to do as mch damage.

    morals arent dependant on the amount of destructive things someone has.

    and there is no current world ruler. no group rules the entire world.


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