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Thread: Where to buy Iron Fists soundtrack

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    Default Where to buy Iron Fists soundtrack

    In case you've been living under a rock, The Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack will be in stores on Monday October 22nd.

    The CD will be on-sale the first week for the super low price of $7.99-9.99 at all Best Buy, Target and FYE stores. Walmart will have it also, but only the Clean version.

    This is the link to buy it on iTunes (also $7.99 first week):


    The CD will also be on sales many independent record stores, if you purchase it at Record Store Day locations you will get a free INSTRUMENTAL CD of the album.

    Here is the link for store that will have the free INSTRUMENTAL CD:


    If you want to order the Autographed Super Deluxe Pak, go to:


    There are less than 50 copies of that set remaining.

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    are u working for soultemple records?

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    Not trying to spam the board. Just trying to let everyone know whats up, if they want to pick up a physical copy of the album... and where the best deals will be.

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