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if theres no insanity how can sanity exist. opposites depend on eachother. its hard to explain.

but try and think if theres no left. can u go right.
This is not true. Opposites do not always depend on each other and if they do then insanity and sanity are not opposites.

Complementary or interdependant opposites exist as the neccessary foundation of the universe. They interplay in such a way so as to achieve balance and therefore COMPLETE order in the universe. They are opposites such as left/right, up/down, hot/cold, light/dark, masculine/feminine etc.

Sanity has no complementary opposite because it is a word used to describe this very balance and complete order within the universe. In the example of the word "sanity" it is describing the mind when it is in a balanced state.

Other words that have no complementary opposite are HEALTH (describing the balanced state of usually the physical body, but also sometimes the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well) and in particular RIGHTEOUSNESS or GOOD, which describes the complete balanced state of the entire Universe both on a macro and microcosmic level.

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it can many different things. depends who ur asking. health is generally the well being of ur mind body and spirit.

some people might think 100% sanity isnt good for people. u need that tiny bit of insanity. the pressure of trying to be totally sane can make some people crack.
If people place pressure on themselves to be 100% sane or healthy and they "crack" then it was the incorrectly perceived pressure (which would fall under the definition of insanity) that lead to them cracking, not being 100% sane or healthy because if they were 100% sane/healthy they would not have cracked!

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theres certain cultures that allow people 2 have a set period of madness. to let everything out of their system. such festivals can therefore be said to be healthy
Those festivals cannot be said to be healthy if the people are engaging in unhealthy acts (assuming this is what you mean by madness, otherwise it wouldn't be madness). How can doing something unhealthy be healthy?