This is a follow up on my previous thread about 5%ers trying to black wash white history. I'd like everyone to note that 5% don't represent .1% of the black population and if it wasn't for wutang and rappers they went to highschool with like Busta Rhymes getting record deals nobody would really know who they are.

anyways i found that most of the problem comes from the fact that nobody knows wtf is going on in africa but they can all agree that shit looks crazy as fuck bruh. Here's a breakdown

The term tribe is a racist demeaning of ethnicities in Africa invented by colonists. Why didn't want to recognize the nations of Africa as Nations because it due to terminology it would negatively effect colonial agenda. The image thus created in the western head is a 'tribe' is a small clan or band of people, or some type of petty loyalty

These tribes are full blown nations in every sense of the word. There are more people in the Hausa tribe than there are people in Germany. There are as many people in my tribe as there are people in Portugal. prior to colonialism these 'tribes' had their own states, cities, politics, laws, customs, attire, religion, and so forth. There are more differences between my tribe and the Benin tribe across a river than there are between an English man and a Russian. The physical appearance between a Tuareg and Wolof man are so great that if they weren't both black they would be considered different races and they live in the same country.

The situation this creates is we as africans are starting from scratch in developing new 'national' identities because at independence most ethnicity chose to stay together in the artificial nations created by colonists.

The misconception i hear people bring about is a very ignorant 'wide is everything based on tribe' or other things that imply people can just 'let it go'. That shit is deeper than rap. Igbo and Yoruba people don't even sit down the same. You could never image a sitation where America Mexico and Canada are fused into the same nation and there's no conflict and tension or that everyone will just give up their American or Mexican or Canadian identity. The EU is no where near even implying people should do this and Nigeria, or Ethiopia are less like France and Germany and more like the EU.