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Thread: A panoramic fact based view of the situation in africa

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    With the perception that Africa's biggest problem is people are dying off (AIDS, Famine, War) people need to realize that the issue is there's too many mother fuckers. Even the fact that I have to tell Americans that there are cities in Africa is the most off the wall thing to me. The perception that most africans live in villages is also completely retarded and detached from reality to the point where I wonder if we live in the same planet.

    with as big as new york city is, people need to realize the Cairo Egypt Lagos Nigeria and Kinshasa Congo are almost double the size of it in population. Most africans are urban dwellers, the whole living with zebras in the village thing is way off.

    the fact that most people live in urban areas is actually one of the real problems of africa, as well as the entire developing world.

    This is Oshodi Lagos 6 years ago, and if you were to ask someone about Lagos this was the image that came to mind. The place is like a 24/7 rave.
    governments struggled to find out what to do with these people and how to organize the city to cope with the ridiculous growth (6,000+ new people weekly).

    providing FORMAL employement, slowing the rate of slum growth, enforcing laws were all hercelian tasks. but this is Oshodi today

    and this is the case with most of Africa. People are working hard as fuck to build new nations, most of them not older that 50 years to the standard of nations in europe, which have been around for 2000+ years on average.

    the governor of Lagos built satelite towns, implemented stricter laws, implimented more public transport, built a light rail, built a monorail and is currently building this

    eko Atlantic, which is an elevated land development to counter erosion and the raising ocean levels due to global warming infront of lagos, which is low land, so that Lagos doesn't sink and to take the heat of the mainland as far as population and land demand. this is no fantasy or bullshit
    [IMG]http://api.ning.com/files/lHZphyruYBmCOsV2ogWXtr-MmEMIS0a9fdc2NlDxDDbMkWJLS8hp0CPGqzAV7fK*mFcbK6kq2 xH5712eXb8BRFeIV1FwDEkS/greatwallofLagos.jpg[/IMG]

    They're wrapping up the dredging process (this pic is old) and they're currently putting roads in place

    this is the second planned city build in the country and severall countries, with Angola leading the pack, and building their asses off right now. nigeria is the worlds #1 growing market for cement.

    But the issues or overcrowding remain and these are the real issues people face. In most places even in nigeria the struggle continues and lagos is just one city out of 36+ that need serious help. This is what africans have to deal with and worry about, not no faggot ass Aids.
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