Following his directorial debut with "The Man With the Iron Fists," RZA plans to lens two other films.

Though his directorial debut The Man With the Iron Fists arrives in theaters this weekend, RZA has already lined up two more films as director.

According to THR, the Wu-Tang Clan member will helm John Miliusí biopic Genghis Khan and the action thriller No Manís Land.

Genghis Khan has been in the works for years, with Milius originally slated to direct. The story will be told from the point of view of Khan's son and grandson, and will be shot in China next year.

Meanwhile, No Man's Land takes place on one night and will focus on "a man who steals a powerful criminal's diamond that soon proves to be far more valuable than initially thought. With the help of a dancer, he attempts to stay alive and cash in on the jewel."