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Thread: Sean Price Interviews Scarface: They Discuss Religion, Emceeing & Ultimate Rap Collab

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    Default Sean Price Interviews Scarface: They Discuss Religion, Emceeing & Ultimate Rap Collab

    As confirmed last week, Sean Price is guest-editing HipHopDX this week. We asked the Brownsville, Brooklyn emcee who we should feature, and he not only suggested Scarface, he asked to do the intervirew himself. Last week, we got the Facemob and Boot Camp Clik delegates on the phone for a conversation that made us think, made us laugh and made us proud to have Sean on the squad this week. We hope you like it the same:

    Sean Price: So whatís good with you, brother? Whatís going on, man?

    Scarface: Hey man, Iím chilliní. I ainít doing nothing. You know what I did? Let me just start off by saying I went out and voted, howís that?

    Sean Price: Thatís what Iím talking about, man. Thatís cool, I respect that. I just... I woke up this morning. [I was] waiting for a FedEx package and come to find out that motherfuckiní FedEx donít deliver here. Then I gotta go to the Post Office, the Post Office bitch ainít even notice, so I had to run up the block. I ordered this banginí ass Eddie Bauer shooting shirt, you know the beige shit with the safety orange on it?

    Scarface: Yeah.

    Sean Price: Yeah, I bought one of them shooting shirts, itís great. I canít wait to put it on and shit on my friends. [Laughs]

    Scarface: Hey, donít you be shittiní on the homies, man.

    Sean Price: Nah, I live for that. I live for bragging rights. Iím older, but I still love putting on that fresh shit like, the first day of school and come out and shit on my friends, man. Thatís all I got left in my life besides my daughter. [Laughs]

    Scarface: I know, I shit on all my friends on the golf course.

    Sean Price: Oh man, you know what? I just tried to play tennis for the first time.

    Scarface: You should.

    Sean Price: It was fun, but when you havenít been working out in awhile and you start moving muscles you ainít move in awhile; good Lord, I was in pain.

    Scarface: Itíll hurt.

    Sean Price: Yeah, it definitely hurt. I was in pain like a motherfucker the next day.

    Scarface: Yeah, it hurts.

    Sean Price: Definitely.

    [My friends] gave me a bunch of questions, but these is... I donít know.

    Scarface: Fuckin' synthetic', huh?

    Sean Price: They asked about the you and Beanie Siegel album, Iím like --

    Scarface: -- I would much rather us get off like youíre with your homeboys, shootiní the shit.
    Sean Price & Scarface Talk About The Craft Of Emceeing

    Sean Price: Yeah man, true story.

    I do wanna know, from one emcee to another...me, I listen to the beat and let the beat tell me what to do. Iím wondering whatís your method for writing rhymes? They come to you, or you got a beat first?

    Scarface: You know what? First, my raps start with topics. If Iím going to write a rhyme, if I seem like, ďDamn, that motherfucker that been around me looks like a God damn, evil-ass devil-man,Ē Iíll start researching humans and satanic shit, and Iíll jot down ideas. And this like weeks and months before I even pick a beat. When the beat come, I already read and researched my shit.

    Secondly, when I know what Iím going to say, and I hear a beat, and now iím coming up with rhyme schemes. Rhyme patterns.

    Sean Price: Right, the cadence and all that.

    Scarface: And then the most important part, for me, is the ďcome-lines.Ē If you listen to any of my shit, the first three or four words are the most important part of the song, to me.

    I did a record for French Montana. My come-line was, ďThe smell of blood in the bathroom / Body laid out, stiff full of stab wounds.Ē Thatís my come-line! [Laughs] But you know what? Thatís attractive enough to get the people to- itís attention-grabbing to the ear.

    Sean Price: Yeah, I feel you on that.

    Scarface: I did a real good one last night thatíll make you laugh, man. My record is like 15 minutes.

    Sean Price: It takes you 15 minutes to knock them out?

    Scarface: Yeah, maybe a hour now, I got a lot faster now

    Sean Price: Iím a one-taker, man. I canít lie, when I first got [signed]...when I was in my group Heltah Skeltah back in the day, Buckshot wouldnít let us punch in. Heíd be like, ďIf you wrote it say it. If you wrote it, say it, motherfucker.Ē

    Scarface: My whole idea of the punch was... Bun B donít punch [either].

    Sean Price: I punch now, but in my crew you had to earn that right. Which was good training, Ďcause when I do albums now, when I do songs I one-take it, which was good training. So I actually appreciate Buck for not letting me punch [on Heltah Skeltah's Nocturnal].

    Scarface: Man, I love Buckshot. I wish he would... well, I have to punch, man.

    Sean Price: Oh yeah, I punch in too now. I just want the song to sound great, but that training in the beginning was good training.

    Scarface: Yeah, you gotta earn that right.

    Sean Price. Yeah, you had to earn the right to punch in, you couldnít just punch. Nah. Plus, back in the day we had the two-inch wheels and dude had to rewind and [spinning sounds], find the spot and all that shit. Now [itís] just a click of a mouse now.

    Scarface: Yeah, it made it a lot easier. But you know what? Believe it or not, we was on Pro Tools and Screen Sound way back in the early Ď90s.

    Sean Price: Ah, not I. Not at D&D Studios. [Laughs]

    Scarface: Yeah, we was at digital studios man. Digital Services.

    Sean Price: Oh, okay. We had two-inch reels wheels, so all that rewinding and [spinning sounds], Iím like, ďYou know what? Let me just knock it out.Ē But now, everything is a click of a mouse, itís so easy now.

    Scarface: I got this one engineer, well him, Steve-O, and I canít do no verse without him.

    Sean Price: When you got a good engineer, that helps so much, Ďcause when they kind of know you--

    Scarface: -- Yeah, I can just say, ďHey man, take me back to ĎEnjoy your day...íĒ and heíll be right there [at] ďEnjoy your day...Ē you know what Iím saying? It donít take him no two-three hours to find the fuckiní spot and then go from there. We good.

    Sean Price: Yeah, actually my deejay is my engineer, he has a studio. So I actually got my deejay, DJ PF Cuttin, he used to be in the group Blahzay Blahzay. They made that record [ďDangerĒ raps the chorus] ďWhen the East is in the house / Oh my god...Ē [singing].

    Scarface: Yeah. [Laughs]

    Sean Price: Thatís my deejay.

    Scarface: That was a big record! [Rapping] ďWhen the East is in the house / Oh my god.Ē Yeah!

    Sean Price: Yeah, so that was DJ PF Cuttin, he actually produced that song. He has a great ear, heís great behind the boards, and I actually take him on tour with me, on the road as my deejay. Iím the godfather of his kids, so thatís my man hunny-grand. So we rock together real good.
    Scarface & Sean Price Talk About Beanie Sigel, Why Mac N Brad May Be On Hold

    Scarface: That is so dope.

    But the Beanie Sigel [Mac N Brad] project, we ainít even get a chance to fuck with it like we wanted to, Ďcause me and Beans got jammed. And I donít know if they told you about it, but the shit thatís fucked up with the Feds is, the Feds donít run [Concurrent charges]. They stack shit.

    Sean Price: They donít do concurrent?

    Scarface: Nah, they donít run C.C., they stack their shit. So if he had to go do two years for this, then that new fucking case- well you know what?

    Sean Price: Not if he had a fucking pistol in the car, right?

    Scarface: They might run it concurrent.

    Sean Price: Itís eight [years] with a concurrent, Ďcause itís two different charges.

    Scarface: Yeah, so I hope Iím wrong. I pray Iím wrong, but from the looks of it, he gotta give them that two and a half or three [years] is what he gotta do. And then he gotta give them that five.

    Sean Price: Yeah, I think Federal Guidelines is 60 months for a gun?

    Scarface: Yup. Ainít no way around it.

    Sean Price: I just wish him the best. Hold his head, him and his family.

    I donít know if itís true, but it says you collect comics...

    Scarface: Comics? Hell nah, I used to collect comics when I was a little boy.

    Sean Price: Oh, you donít? Man, I still read comic books, man. I love comic books.

    Scarface: Really?

    Sean Price: [Laughs] Yeah.

    Scarface: Comic books is dope, but I mean --

    Sean Price: -- It helps me with my vocabulary when Iím writing rhymes sometimes, I ainít gonna lie.

    Scarface: What would be your #1, ideal "Rap Batman and Robin"? Or a trio.

    Sean Price: Let me see, my ideal would be, not me...

    Scarface: Who would you want to hear if you blended voices together?

    Sean Price: I would like to hear- can I pick dead or alive?

    Scarface: Nah nigga, they gotta be alive.

    Sean Price: They gotta be alive? Well let me see. You know what? Shit. Even though they got a little drama right now, I would like to hear Young Jeezy and [Rick] Ross together, man.

    Scarface: Thatís dope, man.

    Sean Price: I think that would be a dope album if they can settle whateverís going on. I donít know the ins-and-outs of that, it ainít none of my business. But I think the would make a dope album together, theyíre into that same hustla talk, know what I mean? I think itíd be a dope listen, man.

    Scarface: I think itíd be a great listen, man. I like that shit. I like Andre 3000 and Common.

    Sean Price: Whoa. That sounds crazy.

    Scarface: Or Andre 3000 and Kanye [West].

    Sean Price: Oh yeah, that probably would sound very crazy.

    You know what? You and Styles P, man. I could hear you with Styles P on a few joints, I think thatíd be crazy too. Iím a huge Styles P fan, Iím a diehard hardcore rapper; thatís my shit. I listen to everything else, but that Hardcore Rap is my shit. You and Styles P would make some tight music together, I think that shit would be tight like crawdads, fo sho.

    Scarface: Like crawdads...

    Sean Price: [Laughs] That shit gotta be tight, itís in the water all day. Waterproof that shit. Gotta be tight. [Laughs]
    Sean Price & Scarface Talk About Houston & New York Hip Hop, A$AP Rocky

    Scarface: Man, you know what? When I look at what New York is to Hip Hop... and this is totally out of left field... but when I look at what New York is to Hip Hop, and then... Iíve been coming to New York for 25 years. Well, Iíve been coming to New York my whole life, Ďcause my aunt been living in Harlem since the Ď50s. So I kinda been cheating a little bit, I been rapping my ass off.

    When you go to New York you get a certain state of mind, right? But now when you go to New York- shit, this is New York radio that put you in that state of mind too, right? Well now look at what New York radio been doing to you.

    Sean Price: You know I think, homie? I think thatís the times now. Remember, Iím 40 years old.

    Scarface: [Iím] 41.

    Sean Price: Exactly, so we in the same demographic. So you remember, if I lived in New York... by the time we got a Geto Boys album in Brownsville, that probably was [the group's third studio album We Can't Be Stopped]. They [didnít] have like- youíre not going to see Too Short. Theyíre not gonna have a Too Short record, theyíre not gonna have a Geto Boys record unless I travel somewhere and I find it, back then. Now you can have the whole world in front of you by computer. So I think itís easier to- a lot of my friends be like, ďYo, A$AP Rocky, he sound like he from Houston.Ē Iím like, ďYo, he can see Houston online, and pick up the culture online!Ē

    Scarface: Well I told them motherfuckers that question, that any doubt in their minds about what A$AP Rocky was doing.

    Sean Price: Oh, I love it. Iím just saying...that question, ďYou donít sound New York,Ē or ďYou donít sound like you from here,Ē we got the whole world at our fingertips right now, so itís easy to be adept to some other shit.

    Scarface: Yeah, I mean, A$AP Rocky is from New York. Donít get it fucked up.

    Sean Price: Oh, heís from Harlem, no question about it. I love A$AP Iím a big fan. I bet them dudes is some great guys, but for the people who just be like, ďYou donít sound New York,Ē what is sounding New York when you got the whole world at your fingertips?

    Scarface: My thing is: the man [is] from New York, and if you in New York youíve got to be a motherfuckiní emcee, homie. You ainít got no choice. Niggas is standing on the side of the corner bustiní rhymes, homie. You feel me?

    Sean Price: So thatís the whole thing. Back in the day, I remember I went to some convention when I was younger and somebody gave me a Too Short record, and thatís how I was introduced to him. It wasnít like, ďMy region plays my region, your region plays your region.Ē

    Scarface: We had y'allís shit. We had everybody, we had yaíll down here. My cousin live in New York, man. My cousin [is] my age, feel me? So all that New York shit, I got. So thatís why I thought it was kind of cheap, Ďcause all that New York shit, I got.

    Sean Price: Yeah I know that shit work too. I got a cousin in Florida and I used to send him shit all the time. I used to tape Mr. Magic and mail him a tape and shit.

    Scarface: Yeah, you needed that. It was banginí like a motherfucker up there.

    Sean Price: Yeah. I just went to Houston for the first time a couple months ago, man. It was fucking 110 [degrees] when I got out that motherfucker, B. How do you deal with that heat, brotha? Hot as fuck! I could tell you about New York heat, but that shit- when I was just standing in one spot, felt like I was burning.

    Scarface: Hey, you gotta stay in the house and shit. Cool off.

    Sean Price: [Laughs] Yeah, I went to that- what was that seafood spot? Papas...?

    Scarface: Pappadeaux.

    Sean Price: Yeah, Pappadeaux I had some great soft shell [crab], y'all got some great eating spots over there, but Pappadeaux was banginí I had some great seafood out there. But that heat! Iím like, ďIím not smoking weed Ďtill the sun go down. Feel like Iím drained, man.Ē

    Scarface: Feel like a punch in the face out there.

    Sean Price: [Laughs] And I was out there, I did a little, small show. And I was introduced... I donít know if y'all are cool or what, his name is Killa Kyleon, did I say his name right? Oh man, that was my first time hearing his music, that motherfuckerís the truth.

    Scarface: I love that kid. Man, this whole city is the truth.

    Sean Price: Yeah, but that was the first time I heard his music. He got a great stage show, he was killiní it on stage.

    Scarface: You need to hear... thereís a lot of other shit out here.

    Sean Price: Yeah, it was so funny when I was out there right: I had a shirt that said ďBrownsville,Ē Ďcause you know Iím from Brownsville in Brookyln. So the Mexican guy, he looked at me, he said, ďYou know we got a Brownsville, Texas?Ē I said, ďI heard of it.Ē He said, ďYeah,Ē and then the Black guy [was] like, ďYeah niggas donít go out there, they get left out there.Ē Iím like, ďDamn, sound like my neighborhood!Ē [Laughs] He was dead serious.

    Scarface: [Laughs] Yeah thatís real talk. Thatís where all them racists be at.

    Sean Price: Yeah, he told me that. He said, ďNiggas donít go up there, they get left. They leave them niggas there.Ē

    Scarface: Yep, thatís how it go

    [Talking to his child] Whatíre you doing? Whatíre you doing?

    Sean Price: Yo, I got a two-year old daughter, I named her after me. Her name is Sean Price, sheís a mess.

    Scarface: I bet she is, at two.

    Sean Price: [Laughs] Yeah, and Salaam Alaikum. They told me you was a Muslim.

    Scarface: Oh Salaam Alaikum. Yeah I took the Shahada in Ď06

    Sean Price: I took my Shahada three years ago in Amsterdam of all places.

    Scarface: Wow. You must of had a [revelation].

    Sean Price: You know when I did time in prison, I never took my Shahada because some people would use Islam as protection, so I wouldnít do it in prison. And when I was in Amsterdam, the guy was like ďYou ready?Ē I was like, ďNah, man. I gotta do this, I gotta do that.Ē He said, ďYou waiting to get perfect, huh? Youíll never do it then.Ē He just broke it down to me, I told him my flaws, he said, ďWell then work on it, man.Ē

    But I took my Shahada and I must say Iíve become a better- even my wife say, ďBad boyfriend, great husband.Ē Iím a better father, better provider. It was a great move for me.

    Scarface: Man, me too. Am I perfect? No. Iím not, but Iím coming.

    Sean Price: Yeah, we working on it. We all strive for perfection, but nobodyís perfect. But being a Muslim has made me a better person overall. Like my wife said, ďBad boyfriend, great husbandĒ [Laughs].

    Scarface: Yeah, man. Thank God. My homeboys say- let me tell you something about religion, homie. Religion is only as good as the person who believes in it, okay? Remember that.

    Sean Price: Right. My son actually goes to church, and heíll be like, ďDad, you donít mind if I go to church?Ē And Iím like, ďLook, if you believe in the-Ē I remember in an episode of Whatís Happening!! when Rerun was worshiping a head of lettuce. Iím like, ďIf you want to worship a head of lettuce and that shit uplift you, make you feel better, then go for it.Ē A lot of times religion bring separatism; Iím not with that.

    Scarface: Itís happening right now. Look at the Catholic Church, and then look at the Mormons and the Muslims and the Jews. Look at that.

    Sean Price: Yeah, so I donít push myself on anybody. Whatever uplifts you and getís you right with yourself, then Iím all for it. Thatís for you. Not for me, thatís for you. Whatís for me works for me, whatís for you works for you. As long as we can agree to disagree on certain shit, we be cool.

    Like I said, my son, he go to church, my wife does none of that shit, but hey, to each his own, man.

    Scarface: Itís only as good as the person who believes in it.

    (Source: HiphopDX)

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    Would love to see a video of this interview!

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    A What's Happening fan

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    From now on i don't see any point of interviewing other rappers unless you are a famous rapper too. One of the coolest intervews i've read in a while.

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    Great interview.

    Two legends holding court.

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    Thanks for your hate hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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    hell yeah. sean p & 'face shooting the shit.

    very good interview.
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