Hot in the drought, worked to the bone/
Swerve through the conscience, dodge self doubt/
Fought and I shout, when taunted about/
Disabilities, but with the will in me I birth new poems/
Achieve as Ive grown, belief captures thrones/
In the bid with karma, gotta give with honor/
Thankful for the gift of water, tryina find where my target is based/
Cause my eyes aren't a part of my face/
Sitting in the dark in one place lookin hard into space/
All I can pick apart is different shapes, consistency escapes/
Unique perception distanced me and I can't debate/
I know some can relate/
Seeing through the looking glass try to fix a crooked path/
And some channel hate with no plans to make/
Have patience to be superior/
It never seemed clear before, with past mistakes bent/
Id rather have sustained sense over a chain fence/
In gated communities or prison/
I just stay with the unity and listen, pursue Gs, forget them/
Soon to be victims of their own device/
Capitalism, a fractured system that could blow overnight/
Due to overpriced materials and no demand to supply/
The worth of this land is dry- goin full circle/
Gotta enhance to get by don't be so commercial/
fuck the glits and glam it's like spit in the hand/
Of intelligence, can't cleanse with irrelevance, but mend with the help
you get/
Never counterfeit cause you encounter shit you can't shake/
Expand great and never overestimate self value, that's the ways of a shifty hand snake/