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Thread: Iron Fist Tribute Song + Challenge + CDs by Stone Mecca

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    Default Iron Fist Tribute Song + Challenge + CDs by Stone Mecca

    With so much going on with RZA's debut movie "The Man With The Iron Fist" which drops November 2nd, make sure to support The man, the talent, the movie, the movement.

    For fun RZA's official band and Wu-Tang fam and live group; Stone Mecca have recorded an Iron Fist tribute song/instrumental which is not featured on the official soundtrack but are making it available to fans to download for free and enjoy. Stone Mecca has decided to take it a step further, and have invited fans to add vocals to the instrumental (rap, sing, or reggae chant to it) and post it on here on this forum, Wu-International will post all links to the bank's leader, Tru James who will also be checking this forum. The winner will be decided by Tru James himself.

    The winner will be given two free CDs on behalf of Wu-International and Stone Mecca, first CD is Stone Mecca's album "First Contact" and the 2nd CD is the official soundtrack to "The Man With The Iron Fist "album by The RZA.

    Here is the download link to the instrumental http://soundcloud.com/stonemecca/the...the-iron-fists . Make sure to title your submission as "Stone Mecca's Tribute to Man With Iron Fist" featuring "Artist Name", if you have a soundcloud put it up there and post the link on here, or use mediafire or anyother links to post your songs here.
    All entries end the 30th of November, 2012. Get your mic on and send in your songs for the tribute to the man with the iron first.


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