he talks about his movie too, but fuck that shit. here's what he had to say about the upcoming album...

Speaking of Ghost, will we see a Supreme Clientele 2?

I donít know but he does have something special right now called 12 Reasons To Die which is a comic book. Thereís a guy named Adrian Younge, who did all the music for the Black Dynamite film. He calls himself a RZA disciple. He studied my style and he got it pretty good too. Iím executive producing a project thatís a comic based on 70′s horror. The star of this project is Tony Starks and itís played by Ghostface Killah. Ghost already wrote the whole album. It was a comic, Ghost reads the comic, then he writes songs to match the comic. Itís dope. And you know Ghost is writer like a motherfucker. So that will be the next thing. I know he got the Wu-Block thing heís doing but this is the new thing that I will be really fully involved with him in.

also, that Adrian guy is producing a Delfonics album