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Thread: The Man With The Iron Fists

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    Quote Originally Posted by MASTER PAI MEI View Post
    He got his arms cut the fuck off. LOL

    He was protecting his neck when he should have protected his arms.

    LMAO ! word but if his arms aint get chopped off, there wont be no MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS !! lol


    Ok, Heres the TEK-REVIEW...

    So yesterday i caught the $7 tues special at the cinema by the job after work.. shit was on point ! story was off the hook, action sequences were solid and the characters were cool. although the CGI was decent, i felt RZA should have went with the natural effects instead of relying on CG... im sure it had to do with the budget cuz if they didnt fuck with CGI the effects would have took them days to get it right and that just equals mad $$$

    Also, i wish RZA releases the directors cut when the DVD/Bluray comes out.. the original version he had in mind for the film was 4hrs long and wanted to release the film in 2 parts but Eli Roth scratched that idea..lol im sure those that seen the flick felt the flow of the movie werent too smooth, felt choppy at times and because there were many storylines, it comes off rushed, like how it exactly was ; trying to cut a 4hr intended story compressed into 90mins.

    one of the HIGHLIGHTS of the flick for me has to be Russell Crowe LOL ! dude damn near stole the show !! thats saying alot from me cuz i cant stand Russell Crowe, i respect him as an actor but ive never been a fan of the guy yet i didnt mind him one bit in this film... Jamie Chung looked fucking stunning in this moreso than any other shit ive seen her in.. Lucy Liu did her thing as well, pretty much reprising her Oren Ishii role from Kill Bill.. it was sick that she beat niggaz in the head playing the brothel Madame but little did we know of her intent to take over the Jungle Village..

    Dope cameos or should i say minor roles from Pam Grier & Gordon Liu, props to RZA for getting them on board, tho their parts were small, it made a huge difference for me as they were the perfect fit for the characters they played. the young afro RZA had me dyin..LOL reminded me of him during the early Wu/Gravediggaz era..

    oh, cant forget the intro credits of the movie with the revised Shame on a Nigga as the backdrop song and how the credits end and the flick starts right after Dirty's line "The Wu is comin thru at a theatre near you and get funk like a shoe ! WHAT !" plus the way RZA used "Unpredictable" during one of the fight sequences was fucking sick too..

    like someone said earlier, def. not for the general audience.. im just amazed that RZA kept it fucking real as possible delivering a modern day KUNG FU flick to the cinemas world wide and aint water it down one bit.. besides Batista/Crowe/Grier and few others, everyone else in the film were all orientals !! LOL.. i found it funny that all them spoke perfect english and worried thats the direction the film was taking but nah.. RZA knew whats up as plenty of it were in Chinese with english subs.

    all in all props to the RZA on his accomplishments, i cant imagine how he must be feeling these days now that the idea he had in his head for years is finally in the theatres across the country and soon to be released world wide.

    TEK-RATING : 3.5 ninja stars out of 5.

    P.S. LOL @ Tarantino introducing Iron Fists and plugging his own joint prior to the trailer.


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