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Thread: Dreddy Kruger on Liquid Swords

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    Default Dreddy Kruger on Liquid Swords

    I guess this topic has already been 100 times, but I have to ask. Is Dreddy Kruger on this album? When I have bought the Liquid Swords and I saw Dreddy Kruger on "Duel of the Iron Mic" I thought it's mistake, but Liquid Sword was re-released this year and there's written the same shit.

    Does anybody know why's he still show as a feat guest?

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    I think the first press on CD's (?) is just a big mistake from Geffen Records. On my copy Killah Priest is featured on Swordsman and on Hells Wind Staff (maybe from the intro?). I think there was a fail with Gold & Swordsman being switched on some editions as well but I might be wrong. I have a lot of different versions but the cd and the unofficial vinyl release from 2006 both have some mistakes in titles and stuff.

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    killah priest is on 'hell's wind staff' but you just hear him saying "yo jus! yo just" or something like that. I hear rza, gza and masta killa also. unless dreddy is the guy singing in the background he's not on it. there's an interview with the guy who played mr. greco on it. I dont know what dreddy kruger did on any of the songs he was "featured" on.

    killah priest was supposed to be on swordsman but was cut off according to someone I know, but I think maybe it says "featuring killah priest" instead of a co-writing credit. that's just a guess tho.

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