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Thread: Wu international Kevlaar 7 interview

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    Default Wu international Kevlaar 7 interview

    For anyone interested in any or all artists linked to the Wu world, the name Kevlaar 7 will surely ring more than one bell. Bronze Nazareth’s brother first tested the hip hop water as an MC, sharing the mic with Bronze Nazareth in their group “The Unknown”, resulting in the initial Internet only release “Death's Birth: The Grip Of Behemoths” in 2002. Pretty soon Bronze’s career took off and landed him right in the centre of wu artists’ and fans’ attention by producing two of the key tracks on RZA’s “Birth of a Prince” album in 2003, since then the man’s production has been high on demand. Meanwhile Kevlaar patiently kept finetuning his skills behind the mic and started experimenting behind the boards after Bronze showed him some tricks of the trade.
    Appearing next to Bronze on his classic debut solo in 2006 and their new group the Wisemen in 2007 turned more attention to the second Cross brother. On the Wisemen’s “Wisemen approaching” we first got to hear what Kevlaar was worth beatwise through tracks such as “Illness” and “New year banga”. A few years later Kevlaar had enough material to showcase his talents on the well-received “Unbutton Your holsters Vol 1” mixtape.
    After the Wisemen’s second group effort “Children of a Lesser God” where he got a larger portion of the production duties, Kevlaar has been putting in work. In less than two years he has released an EP, his solo debut “Die ageless” and the recently released project with Woodenchainz “Sophisticated Movement”. With Kevlaar bringing so much food to the table we had to sit down with the man to talk about all these recent projects, take a look at what’s still to come and even discuss where America’s heading to with this week's elections. Interested in Kevlaar’s music or in his views on (politics in) the USA ? Then you will surely be in for a treat, enjoy !

    I like to say thanks first and foremost for taking the time to answer these questions, highly appreciated, and will also point out that nothing will be altered, edited or changed when this is published online.

    Wu-International: Peace Kevlaar 7, how are you?
    Kevlaar 7: Ready to do this interview. You came with a damn NOVEL of questions, SHIT! LOL! Nah but, Peace fam, everything is aligning, everything good with you and yours?

    Wu-International: Everything going good here, thx for asking. Glad you wanted to do this interview, let’s dive right in. It seems you are quite on a roll lately ? So far you have released an EP, your full debut and now this duo project with Woodenchainz all in the timespan of a year and a half. Add the many features you had and it might be safe to say your motto is “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”?
    Kevlaar 7: Pretty much yeah, LOL! I still need my sleep and all that shit, but time wasted is foolish in my eyes. I have been taking advantage of every moment to work on these projects that I can so I can bring ALL the chips to the table. It’s only right.

    Wu-International: It’s commonly known the big labels don’t like artists to release a string of albums shortly one after another . I always believed that to be one of their dumbest “rules” ever, only showing how much they underestimate music fans. You don’t seem to agree either with that “strategy”?
    Kevlaar 7: That used to be a good philosophy, but things evolve. You see how DMX did it with 2 LPs, back in what was that 2002? No limit used to drop a album every WEEK it seemed like! LOL! Nowadays the consumers and fans have grown to have a VERY short attention span, even if it’s a classic album…I think a huge part of it is the saturation of “artists” doing this. If ANYTHING is saturated enough the actual substance will be thinned, spread out and may eventually dissolve. Hate to put it in those terms, but I’m a realist..

    Wu-International: Well I’m afraid you are right. Let’s have a look at the new album with Woodenchainz first. How did you and Woodenchainz get in touch initially?
    Kevlaar 7: Me & Chainz met back in 2007 at a show we did at the Spin in Indianapolis. Chainz and his crew IWG, were opening for us and when I heard them dudes rocking the stage, I went to the front because the production hit me first, which was Chainz production, drew me to it, the shit was SICK. Then I just rocked with them as I was in the crowd, knamean? I’m a fan first in this shit b...

    Wu-International: Nice, so when and how did the idea for this project see the light of day?
    Kevlaar 7: This project came to be so organically and naturally, it was just ILL. Me & June Mega went down to his studio in Indiana, because initially, we just wanted to record there. Also Chainz had a couple joints on the Die ageless project that I was working on at that time. Chainz was just playing beats when we first got there and me and June was like, GODDAMN, Chainz got DIAMONDS in the vault! LOL! I picked out another joint which ended up as “Now”, from Die Ageless and we kicked around the idea of maybe doing an EP a few days later…

    Wu-International: So how soon did you two realize this would turn out bigger than the initially planned EP and result into a full-blown album?
    Kevlaar 7: After the second 3 day studio session when we smashed out 7 joints. We had already laid 9 joints at the first session. That was a 4 day session. We looked up and realized that we had an LP on our hands, and just went with it, like fuck it. It is what it is. Woodenchainz had so much HEAT I just kept picking out beats I couldn’t HELP want to bless them. He has that type of production that instills a natural inspiration to write and create.

    Wu-International: Did you also describe to Woodenchainz what sound you aimed for and work with him on getting that sound or was it more like you mainly picked the tracks out of the bunch of beats he was then playing to you?
    Kevlaar 7: Nah we just started off creating music together, and the sound was created naturally over the course of making the album. Some of the production I picked out and some of it Chainz took the reins like a real producer does and molded the shit into a brilliant, final piece of art.

    Wu-International: Being a producer as well as an MC yourself, how easy is it for you to vibe to a producer’s sound knowing you can maybe do it better or let’s say differently?
    Kevlaar 7: If there’s a feeling that the beat can be better or if I need modifications to it, then I expressed that to Chainz and we worked together to form the joint into exactly what we were aiming for as far as a finished song. That’s where my production experience comes in when I work with other producers. It’s all about a chemistry together to squeeze the ILLEST artwork out of the turnip…

    Wu-International: Feedback we received from certain fans was that some feel Woodenchainz has a (sometimes too) similar sound to that of Bronze. Would you agree ? How does he differ in your opinion?
    Kevlaar 7: if you’re not just a surface listener there is a clear difference. I think to compare Chainz and Bronze as far as production, they aim for the same destination, but they take different paths. The result is I think Chainz just has a personal sound to his production; you feel like his beats SPEAK to you. Bronze shit is more in your face, break a niggas jaw type of production. But in the same vein when Bronze comes with the emotional shit, it might probably bring a tear to a niggas eye…It speaks another language….

    Wu-International: I had the impression the title “Sophisticated movement” has a double layer. It could describe your sound : uplifting the people slowly but surely through emotional and soulful music rather than trying to get them to revolt right away by pumping them up with hard hitting beats as Public Enemy did back in the late 80ies and early 90ies. But it could also refer to the movement that’s been coming up in the US protesting against the disdain for the common man by politicians , industry and bankers. Can you agree with these interpretations or did you have something else in mind when choosing this title ?
    Kevlaar 7: It has multiple meanings, just like you thought my G…it describes the sound as far as atonement and uplifting our people that are less fortunate, or that need that knowledge so they know how to move in their own environments. It’s also meant to pump the people with wisdom and inspiration so that we can make changes together. The title also encompasses the movements that you indicated in the question as far as the protests, and occupy movements etc. But the part you may have not deduced from the title is the fact that we constantly evolve and we are growing older and more mature. That was a huge concept in the naming of the album. This is grown man hip hop. Man up or stand the fuck back and let us lead the fight. It’s a mature, and realist’s approach to our problems and positions in society. So we move sophisticated so as to not be labelled as hooligans and thugs, as they love to wrongly label some of all of us hip hop artists as such.

    Wu-International: Interesting, I like that concept. It’s clear from your lyrics and your posts on for instance Facebook that you think a lot about what’s going on in the USA lately. Looking from the outside, a lot of Europeans wonder where the US is heading to: implosion, revolution, … ? On the intro of your EP you already compared America with the Roman empire. The Romans probably never thought their whole empire would crumble as fast as it did in the fifth century. Do you feel America is in the same position now, still desperately grabbing for political and economic power while others such as China or India are swiftly catching up?
    Kevlaar 7: I’m hoping for revolution before implosion. I was born here and I LOVE my people. But shits got to change. Hell yeah I feel the United States is in the same position as Rome. It’s a natural order. The United States is going to implode. It just depends on how big the implosion is, as to how we will survive as a people of the 99%. If the 1% didn’t implement so many lies and deception to trick a lot of the 99% into their corner, we wouldn’t be at this crossroads. A lot of the 99% are too lazy to do independent research and find truth for themselves, and realize the freedoms that have been taken from us, resulting in oppressions even TODAY. The education system in this country can’t even be trusted. Government should neither own nor operate nor centrally control schools. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of public education is that it conditions future generations to support central control, thereby perpetuating authoritarianism. Merely by immersing children in a government environment from an early age, especially one that dominates their parents even when parents are idols to their kids, we impress young minds with an unhealthy, unconscious sense of government eminence that can last well into adulthood. Therefore, government run schools are inherently antithetical to liberty. If there had been examples of public schools back when the founders wrote the bill of rights, we would have a separation of school and state as surely as we have a separation of church and state, so to speak. The powers that be don’t want to raise critical thinkers. To them we are dangerous.

    Wu-International: But isn’t that one of the main responsibilities of any government/country: providing proper education for its people ? And how would that practically have to be arranged without government support, schools and education do cost money.
    Kevlaar 7: Yes it is but you’re speaking of a government that cares about its people and not just capitol. The US only cares about capitol. Do you know the way this education system was set up in the United States? It’s called the “Prussian Industrial Model”. Basically Horace Mann implemented it, and it’s, put simply as I can put it, depersonalized learning, and a strict hierarchy of power basically industrializing the learning process. For both students and teachers, procedure is emphasized over innovation, uniformity over individual expression, and control over empowerment. So you see how what the government implements here is indoctrination. I have a few teachers for friends and the system is getting even more standardized, and corporate influence is greater than ever before. Our education system is now FOR-profit, so it’s federal reserve notes over our young students. Fucked up situation.

    Wu-International: Another thing that has us scratching our heads is the impossibility of adjusting “the right to bear arms” in the US. The murder rate is outrageous, shootouts at work or schools seem to occur more and more and still most Americans claim their right to have guns is the solution for their safety rather than the cause of their problems. Your “AmeriKKKa’s nightmare” interlude referred to this problem already, how do you feel about this?
    Kevlaar 7: Yeah fam, that’s an ignition point. Honestly I believe part of it is the enormous amount of stress that the people here are under. We work more hours than anyone on the planet, with VERY LITTLE vacation time, and rest for the mind and body. It’s a capitalistic society here that’s based on MONEY. That’s the bottom line. On the other hand, I wouldn’t put it past our so called leaders to implement so called false flag events that cater toward a certain parties interests. I think the Colorado movie theatre shootings were planned and executed to get the ball rolling as far as disarming the citizens, so that the common people are un-armed, and defenseless against the government when they attempt to incorporate martial law. I feel we have the right as responsible humans and citizens, that we have the right to own fire arms so that we can defend ourselves and our families. Maybe I’m wrong though, it may be part of the bigger problem. All I can tell you is my philosophy. KRS-one. LOL!

    Wu-International: Personally I would hope for and expect my government to finally handle this problem after the Colorado shooting rather than suspect them of having this planned as a strategic move. Isn’t that a bit farfetched you think?
    Kevlaar 7: I feel you, but what about all the other times this has happened? What makes THIS situation different? I thought maybe that would be the case after the Columbine shootings, or the Virginia Tech massacre. I don’t think it’s farfetched at ALL when you look at ALL of the details of the case. Did you see how the suspect had his apartment booby trapped? Shit was protected like a military compound. Also carefully look at and compare the suspect’s mugshots, and his pictures before this terrible tragedy and tell me if you think that’s the same man in the photos…

    Wu-International: But I do agree on the stress part, a lot of people in any Western country are far too stressed indeed these days. But isn’t it pure logic that if you take away the right to bear arms people will no longer handle their stress in such explosive/lethal ways as we have seen many times in the US? After “disarming”, you would still have people lashing out stress and sometimes with dramatic results, we also see that here in Europe now and then, but clearly with a far less extreme “body count” so to speak. That’s what I meant with the right to bear arms being rather the problem than the solution?
    Kevlaar 7: I understand where you’re coming from with that logic, but I think it would just end up like the “War on Drugs”…Taking away that right would just create a HUGE “black market”, if you will, for guns, and that would probably exacerbate the problem because then it would be the pro-gun people AGAINST the Pro-disarmament people. A war over WEAPONS sounds even MORE dangerous to me. I may be wrong though because I LIVE in the most violent country in the world with the biggest prison population than all of the world combined, so maybe there’s a blindness I cannot see past with that logic. I don’t know though, it’s one hell of a dilemma…

    Wu-International: Yes, and no easy solution whatever they will decide to do I fear. What do you believe are the five most urgent problems in US if America would like to try to clean up its mess?
    Kevlaar 7:
    1. Education
    2. Education
    3. Education
    4. Education
    5. Eradicate Privatized prison systems

    Wu-International: Education it is then. So to reach this, what measures do you think would benefit the US most, which solutions could work in your opinion?
    Kevlaar 7: First off we HAVE to start at the foundation of things. Education. And I’m not talking about the indoctrination methods that we’re STILL using today such as the Prussian Industrial model of Public schooling. We have a duty and a responsibility as humanist’s to teach our children actual facts and truths about our history. Not LEAD them with pretenses of what REALLY went on in our past, because of their capitalistic agenda. Our system was engineered to teach obedience and solidify control. We have an industrialized schooling system, where procedure is emphasized over innovation, uniformity over individual, expression, and control over empowerment. THAT’s where we fix the problem over an extended period of time, because of the hundreds of years of the broken system, THAT’S what it I will take. Next, I think we should release Non-violent drug “offenders” out of these prisons; and they make up approximately 1 million prisoners; But once again it’s all about money to them since private prisons get PAID to KEEP their census at a certain amount, which in a lot of case is capacity, or close to it. See what I mean though? These global elitists are KILLING this country with their inherent GREED. A lot of people are FED UP. But we need A LOT more people to be fed up.

    Wu-International: Agreed, the way prisons became big business in US is worrying and puzzling to say the least. The sheer impossibility of getting an American social security system finally settled in and accepted by everyone as a basic human right is another thing we Europeans just can’t understand. Why is it so hard to get this through in America?
    Kevlaar 7: When a country has the agenda that the elitists who REALLY run the United States do; This is of zero concern to them. The healthcare system is FUCKED and has been for a long time. It boils down to dollars AGAIN. The Pharmaceutical companies are making BILLIONS off of us, and this is why Monsanto exists, and all of these processed foods with additives and preservatives, etc., so we can stay in bad health and “need” the medicines that doctors get extra dollars to prescribe to us. And mind you, that prescription drugs kill 3 times more people than crack, heroin, and methamphetamines COMBINED. So this bullshit “war on drugs” is of COURSE aimed at the wrong drugs. I could go on and on, but you see how FUCKED UP this mess in my country is fam…It’s frustrating as fuck…

    Wu-International: Obama promised he’d get this arranged no matter what but I can’t imagine he is happy with what he ended up with. A lot of people seem to feel he couldn’t deliver what he promised when elected. How would you evaluate this and overall the first 4 years of Obama?
    Kevlaar 7: Not a good job. But there is underlying reasons. He’s a puppet. Just like all of these so called presidents. Look who sponsors both Obama, AND Romney. Goldman Sachs sponsors both. Obama by JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup. Romney, besides Goldman Sachs, is sponsored by Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley… Nothing but Bankers, and Wall Street. THAT’S who runs this country. And I already said in an earlier question, who’s running this whole shit.

    Wu-International: So with the new presidential elections reaching its decision tomorrow, can you please compare Obama and Romney?
    Kevlaar 7: Same guy. Same Candidate. It’s trick knowledge, and a lot of people have yet to wake up and see this.
    Wu-International: Who do you think will win? And how do you see America evolving then the next four years?
    Kevlaar 7: It’s already been planned. Like I said, the man who sits in the oval office is a puppet. Obama will still be in office come January. Although it doesn’t matter because the plan is already in place from the wealthy elite. They have a new world order plan, and their aim is to carry these plans out by any means necessary. Look at what is happening worldwide. It’s evident.

    Wu-International: With this pessimistic viewpoint, how important do you think it is for people to vote, Lupe Fiasco’s anti-voting stance for instance sparked heated debate online, what’s your take and stance in all of this?
    Kevlaar 7: As far as voting in a presidential election at the present time, I think it’s pointless. Every president since JFK has been a puppet, and you see what they did to JFK when he didn’t comply with the elitist agenda. Voting matters when we vote for our local and state representatives. Because in Politics it has that “trickle up” effect. You elect someone at the bottom who is truly for the people, his influence rises and changes are made in this favour to positions that are higher than him, and then they work together. THAT’S part of how we take this country and put it back in the hands of the PEOPLE, in my opinion.

    Wu-International: A “sophisticated movement” that will surely have your support would have to be Occupy Wall Street. We rarely hear anything about it lately , is it still strong at the moment ?

    Kevlaar 7: Last I heard they had an anniversary protest, that ended up n police and authorities arresting a large amount of demonstrators, but it has died down. I wish it would get back to what it was, because as a people we need a revolt like Egypt or Spain, etc.

    Wu-International: I remember seeing a documentary about the causes of the monetary problems and crisis we been experiencing the last years. At a certain moment the documentary showed the “Occupy Wall Street”-people protesting in Wall street with the bankers, stockbrokers and other financial “geniuses” hanging relaxed over their balconies with a drink and a smartphone filming the march directed at them. This scene summed up the core problem: the financial elite ‘s arrogance and indifference towards the problems of the common man. What will it take to change this mentality?
    Kevlaar 7: That exact scene was in my video “ Federal reserve note” that my man Josiah did for me off of my album Die Ageless. What it will take to change this is a physical and economical takeover, that is geared to the 99%’s interest, and doesn’t cater to the greed and corruption that runs rampant in the 1%. Point blank period. I know I make it sound simple and it ISN’T; but we need to UNITE as a common people and TRULY make a difference SOON. If we could get 80% of EVERYONE in this country to not consume ANYTHING for 5 days; no electricity, no water, no gas, no travelling, NOTHING. That would turn over a leaf in this conflict. It would take preparation but it could be done…

    Wu-International: On that I do agree, people or consumers have far more power than they sometimes realize. Where do you and your music sit in all this, what role do you think hip-hop has as a voice in educating people or helping to push these ideas forward?
    Kevlaar 7: We speak to, and FOR the younger generation. If they don’t want to pick up books or do independent, unbiased research on the internet about the world today, I feel it’s my duty to convey the message that we need to move forward as a morally right and just society in this world. It’s in OUR hands to share information with one another so we as a people are on the same page..

    Wu-International: Ok, maybe we can go back to the music side of things again. How do you feel about the end result of this new project?
    Kevlaar 7: This project turned out better than EITHER me or Chainz expected. We KNEW it would be dope, but we didn’t think it would come out as poignant as we, and MANY others, feel it did. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment.

    Wu-International: Good to hear. I like the cover, I had the impression it is referring to an already existing picture but didn’t recognize it right away. Does it indeed refer to something or someone?
    Kevlaar 7: It does refer to an existing photo, but I will let the fans find it, and break that down.

    Wu-International: What do you hope people will pick up from this album ?
    Kevlaar 7: A maturity in the music as well as our mind state as we move forward. Question EVERYTHING..

    Wu-International: In the outro you ask people to consider where they are at and make up their mind, take the chance of a new day, expressing despite all the problems there is still some hope. What makes you personally believe there is still hope?
    Kevlaar 7: Because I still have faith in humanity.

    Wu-International: What would be your personal favourite track of this album and why?
    Kevlaar 7: I would have to go with Boulevard Article 2, The street imagery reporting, coupled with the boom bap production is signature to the style of music we do. Why is a close second…and those will probably change real soon too, LOL

    Wu-International: Good choice. Now that we are somehow asking you to judge your own work, with an EP and two albums out so far if I asked you to rank them what would the order be and why?
    Kevlaar 7: I think the last work that I’ve done should ALWAYS be my finest work, and I feel that that’s the case with my discography. So if you feel like counting backwards as far as the releases go, that’s the order, LOL! I make it a point to elevate in all aspects with EVERY new project.

    Wu-International: On the “Who got the camera” EP, you re-interpreted MLK’s “I have a dream” speech which was an ambitious idea. Would you consider this your best writing to date or do you have other lyrics you are even more proud off ?
    Kevlaar 7: Yeah I would definitely say that’s one of my personal favourite writings. It’s very hard to go with a favourite though. I’m extremely proud of “I’m open”, “Federal reserve note”, “Fallen angel”, My verse off of “4th down” on “School for the blindman”, and “Boulevard article 2”.

    Wu-International: Preparing this interview, I had another listen to the Unknown album you released back in the day with Bronze. How would you compare the Kevlaar from now with the young Kevlaar that was then taking his first steps in the scene?
    Kevlaar 7: A lot more polished now. I was young and honing my style back then, similar to growing pains, you feel me? Everything has evolved from my construction of beats and rhymes, to putting together complete SONGS and albums. My team is an irreplaceable element in that process as well. We bounce off of each other like molecules…

    Wu-International: There is a track on that album “Jackin’ for decibels”, reminding me of Royal Fam’s “Rules 101”. Was that song inspired by label problems you and Bronze had then already encountered coming up or more inspired by songs such as “Rules 101” or GZA’s “Labels” ?
    Kevlaar 7: We had been through our share of promises and shit falling through, etc but that song was more inspired by the Goodie Mob, and that track they had on the first Soul Assassins album. Shit was SO CLASSIC.

    Wu-International: “Decisions, decisions” ? Interesting. So you have been going from labels as Babygrand and Ihiphop distributions with the Wisemen albums to underground label Chambermusik with your EP to doing it all yourself with “Die Ageless” through your site and now using Bandcamp distribution for “Sophisticated Movement”. With what you learned about the business through dropping these releases over the years, how do you look back on the content of “Jacking for decibels” ? Did you already picture it accurately in those early days or have you changed your opinion on the business side of things during the years ?
    Kevlaar 7: I look back on that song, and say damn, we listened well because what we were saying was simply speaking to the future. Yeah I’ve changed my opinion on the business side, and that opinion is FUCK the business side. I hate it. But it is a necessary evil. It’s a Huge reason why I chose to do these last 2 albums totally independent. I had 3 offers but I decided taking 100% is in my best interest, even though there is huge amounts of legwork to do for me and my team as far as promo, marketing, etc. We’re back to the grassroots movements in hip hop. It is what it is, and I love it.

    Wu-International: Now that we looked back at the beginning maybe we can have a look at the future . You recently started working on your album with full Bronze production? What can you share with us on this next project ?
    Kevlaar 7: YES! I’m dumb excited about my album with Bronze! Basically what I can tell you for this project is that me and Bronze have sat down several times and picked beats for the project, and he’s blessed me with some fuckin SUPERNOVA’S…

    Wu-International: Speaking of you and Bronze working together, Bronze said the two of you might do an album with production from UK’s Endemic someday, possibly as a second Unknown project, any updates on that?
    Kevlaar 7: Yeah we’ve all spoke about it a few times, but we’ve all been very busy with solo projects etc. No updates on it yet, but Endemic is fam, word…

    Wu-International: Something I have been wondering about: With your projects, Bronze’s solo from last year and Phillie’s solo dropping any minute now we already had quite a few Wisemen projects with a lot of Bronze beats. More are to come and will most likely also use Bronze production for the bigger part, possibly with production added from people like yourself and Woodenchainz and Endemic etc … But all these have a likewise sound so don’t you agree there might be a risk of all these albums starting to sound alike, getting interchangeable and therefor fans losing interest after a while?
    Kevlaar 7: That’s a correct conclusion or assumption. But as artists we evolve, and we’re constantly experimenting. Don’t be surprised when you hear new innovative, and creative productions from ANY of us. There is already a good amount of material like that that hasn’t been released yet in the camp.

    Wu-International: Good to know, even though I enjoy the more soulful and softer approach on your recent projects, I also know there are fans who long for the earlier style and are getting a bit bored with this new sound. Can you understand their viewpoint in this ? Do you prefer to stay in the lane you have chosen or will you return to more rawer stuff in future?
    Kevlaar 7: I understand the viewpoint, most definitely. But at the same time artists grow…mature…innovate…Change is an essential element to being an artist. So we will ALWAYS bring some RAW shit on EVERY album, its part of our DNA. It just depends on the life situations at the points and times we’re making a project as to whether it’s gonna be a totally RAW album or a mix of all of our styles, or what have you. It’s all in an artist’s evolution.

    Wu-International: Another producer that was used on Bronze’s album and on your “Die ageless” album was Ernesto. He seems to be able to bring a different sound to the Wisemen camp, this is especially clear when you listen to “Metamorphosis” on Die Ageless. I thought this was a beat that fitted you very well, ever considered doing a full project with Ernesto Ltd ?
    Kevlaar 7: Yeah man, E brings a whole different flavour to the meal. I think it’s a breath of fresh air. We’ve never talked of doing a full project, but there will DEFINITELY be more work with E, and our fam Central Intelligence…

    Wu-International: “Metamorphosis” featured Funkmeister George Clinton. How did you get this legend involved and how as it to work with him?
    Kevlaar 7: I was extremely excited to do this track. Parliament and Funkadelic is some of my favourite shit from the seventies. M-Eighty got Clinton involved, and it is one of my proudest achievements in this hip hop odyssey…

    Wu-International: Another noted guest was Ras Kass on “Sons of the Most High”. How did you get him on board ?
    Kevlaar 7: When I first did the beat for this joint, I immediately knew that Ras Kass would be PERFECT for the track. I never knew Ras but I knew people that knew him, and when it came down to it, he was happy to lace the joint and the rest is history. It was Definitely an honor and a privilege to work with one of my favourite emcees ever.

    Wu-International: Speaking of features, you had a song with female MC Rain The Quiet Storm on both “Die ageless” and “Sophisticated Movement”. The two of you go well together on tracks, will we be hearing more “duets” from you and why not, maybe even possibly an entire album together?
    Kevlaar 7: Word, we feel the same way, and you will DEFINITELY be hearing more “duets” and most likely an Ep fom us in the future. Rain is a DOPE lyricist, and I think what she brings to the pow wow is something that’s missing in hip hop…She’s very versatile too…

    Wu-International: Good news. Where and how did you find her and what convinced you to work with her?
    Kevlaar 7: Black Geezus from Cleveland, I believe it was, was the first one to connect any of us. I think he put her on to Bronze at first, and from then on we realized how talented she is, and we formed a chemistry with her that I think even has yet to reach its full potential.

    Wu-International: Can you also share with us any other exciting features or collabos outside your current project that you have done lately that might be of interest to the fans?
    Kevlaar 7: Lookout for us on my fam Endemic’s new joint Terminal Illness 2 in the very near future, he paired me with some of the illest emcees on a couple of joints. Me and my family, Paragone, who does the majority of our graphic work, are dropping a hip hop collaboration album featuring a lot of new, fresh acts, and some classic emcees and acts as well. That shit is turning out to be SUPER ill. We’re dropping that through our site www.premierehiphop.com . Also as you all know I’ve had marquee guest spots on both of the last 2 LP’s and this one that Bronze is producing for me will be no different. There is a limited amount of spots and the fans will definitely LOVE it…

    Wu-International: I had a look at your site but to my surprise it doesn’t mention the new album at all. Aren’t you using that site anymore or have you just not found time to update it yet?
    Kevlaar 7: it’s just CRAZY hectic being a totally independent artist so it’s just a matter of me and Paragone getting back on there and updating the site. In the meantime you can access my solo catalogue at www.kevlaar7.bandcamp.com

    Wu-International: Anything else you would like to share with the fans that have not been covered already ? Shout outs?
    Kevlaar 7: All I want to say is thank you to EVERYONE that supports this sophisticated movement that we’re executing, and that includes ALL of our projects. Also, always hit us with honest feedback on facebook, twitter, instagram, or what have you, with the fan wants and needs, so we can web our minds together and bring organic hip hop back to the front…And I’m speaking to the fans there. PEACE and thank you for the opportunity Rec. PEACE. 1
    We do it for the people.

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    good read! propz!!

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    I like Kevlaar and Wisemen and them dudes but for some reason I really don't consider them Wu really.....not like Killarmy or Sunz of Man were....

    Maybe more a loose affiliation....

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    Dope interview. Kevlaar is a interesting artist.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galvatron97 View Post
    I like Kevlaar and Wisemen and them dudes but for some reason I really don't consider them Wu really.....not like Killarmy or Sunz of Man were....

    Maybe more a loose affiliation....
    I get what you mean, have pretty much the same feeling. Not really that typical Wu affliates sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE GENIUS View Post
    Dope interview. Kevlaar is a interesting artist.

    I get what you mean, have pretty much the same feeling. Not really that typical Wu affliates sound.

    I mean I think their sound has that dusty Wu sound to some extent, I just feel like they aren't really true Wu....just bc they got Bronze on some beats and Killah Preist on a verse makes them Wu?

    The only dudes I ever really considered TRUE Wu fam was Sunz, Killarmy, Gravediggaz, Killah Preist, and a select other few....

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