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Thread: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

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    Default The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    Just saw 2hour documentary explaining some shit I never knew about European history. About how the muslim moors came from Africa and Saudi Arabia and ruled in Spain from 700AD to 1400's, introducing intellect, mathematics, knowledge, desire to learn, arcitectural beauty and sophistacation, while people in London at this time were still living in wooden houses. They set up highly advanced societys at Cordoba adn in now Andulica, Medina, Alhambra

    The history books though have the whole thing twisted, saying the moors were brutal people who came and "forced" the indeginous Spainiards to convert to Islam. This is far from thr truth, the archeoligists are now uncovering the TRUTH about Europes history ( as alot of the Muslim time was completely destroyed in the brutal attack of the Catholics to regain the land and power) people actually welcomed them at the time as Spain was in a bit of a crisis, the Muslim arabs brought a society which encouraged Knowledge and learning as the most important teaching from God, and even the poor people were very well educated. The moors brought farming and iragation methods not known, they constructed these amazing palaces and mosques based around math continued from the Greeks theorys that the northern Catholic Europeans had ignored.

    But because the leader of the great times , Abdul Rahman (prince from Saudi Arabia who fledhis home country when the rest of his royla family were killed) spent so much time on other intelluectual things, he didnt pay much attention to the military, so eventually this paved the way for the invasion and eventually the "spanish inquisition"- which was a brutal ethnic cleansing of ALL muslims . But some of the palaces they couldnt tear down becaue of their beauty, they were built on mathematical proportion that no-one in Europe had done before.

    Before the Moors came to Europe it was basically dead, there was no culture, no intellect, they were STILL USING roman numerals, which made complex math almost impossible, the Islam teachers gave Europe all its farming, irragation, water works, PAPER, books, and started the "renaissance" which history alwasy tells us was started in Italy, but that is not true.

    The Spanish Catholics though buried this past and its a forgotten time in Europena histroy. In all the school textbooks, the history starts at when the moors are invaded, and they are dismaissed as not important, almost ignored as part of the heritage. The founders of the Oxford universities in England got all their knowledge after they visted the Moors in Spain and described them as the greatest philosophers. And they took away their wisdom on how to build buildings and so on, without the Musilm rule back then, Europe woudl not be the pace it is now.

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    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe


    Good thread. The Moors are the truth. I like how you break it down. What's the name of the documentary?

    I would love to check it out.

    keep dropping the 1

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    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe


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    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    i knew about this for a long time. the shit they teach kids in school today is just pathetic....
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    Prince Rai

    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    peacee wanted to watch that.. twas on channel 4 i think?

    well you see.. anything muslim and anything good about it has been opressed at that time, because the church had their own problems and cudnt handle a similar faith from the east!

    well funny at how much of that is still the truth 2day!

    peace and blessings

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    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    like Ras Kass already said...

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    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    Yes, the whole event as a part of history in that whole world region fits in within everything else.

    My favourite is on Seinfeld with George and the Bubbly Boy playing Boggle.

    George: (reads question) Who invaded Spain in the 8th century?

    Bubble Boy: Thats an easy one, its the Moors.

    George: Nope, you're wrong....its the Moops.

    Bubble Boy: (looks at card) Thats a misprint, its the Moors.

    George: But the card said Moops.

    So now whenever I heard about the Moors since then, I think about Seinfeld and tell people, "Oh, you mean the Moops."

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    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    ^ yea I saw that one too

    Another thing they introduced to Europe which is relevent to this site is they were the first to use Poems that rhymed at the end of each line. This is normally credited to the french poets of the 15th Century, but that is total crap, they got all that style of writing from the moors after the moors were overthrown they stole that style of writing and introduced it to England and everywhere else.

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    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    This shit sounds real interesting, what was the program called? I've always had suspicions about the Dark Ages, it would be real nice to get to hear some truths about that shit.

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    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    ^ the "dark ages" was the term made by Catholic north Europeans in France and England. The truth is they were far from dark, they just hadnt been enlightened yet by the teachings of the Moors. They called that era the dark age becasue nothign was happening in terms of progressing civilisation. No inventiosn were being made, no scientists, no artists, no intellect, no education, no standard of good living no culture. But not the moors were actually doing the exact opposite to all that. They were making big leaps foward in living. And designing most of the techniques for living we use today.

    one things for sure, Spain was NOT in the "dark ages", western culture was being born in these times by the moors, and the real truth is the people of Spain were embracing Islam as a faith that offered them alot more than the Visgothic christianity of the past, no one was forced or threatened to join Islam, but they liked the ideas it was giving them for education, building societies, all the same reason why it had spread so rapidly througout Africa and Middle East.

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    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    along with
    Islam had their golden ages (propaganda is trying to deny this)
    Now its the Western World's golden age
    (u can branch this into European G.A (think age of colonization)
    and the U.S's(think U.S military bases everywhere))
    Question is,
    whos the next affluent
    the next powerful
    the next sophisticated civilization that will bring a new age to the whole world

    History is one of the most powerful techniques of knowledge
    and it has thought us that no powerful civilization stands forever

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    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    Quote Originally Posted by whiteguy

    The Greastest

    USA USA USA! Freedom!

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    Prince Rai

    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    civilisations become great if they have something others dont have! civilisations use the gift they have and can implement it to their will...

    that gift can be money..power..knowledge anything!

    seing the world as it is now.... what do you think would be supreme today following military and financial resources might by the USA primarily?

    would it be a rather peaceful power with immense knwoledge?

    i think so

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    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe


    great topic bro, i wanted to see this documentary bad but i missed it in the end, if its the bbc one then there was the first part to the series last week about Islamic art and architecture, 2hrs aswell and was really good, and a relief from all the negativity we usually see on the TV.

    Any ways yes this is the unwanted part of history in modern history teachings, and its really a shame, i hope the next generation of teachers, open their eyes to this manipulation and push for a change in curriculum.... it goes for simple things such as the report of bringing soap and fragrances into europe, and encouraging them to brush their teeth! lol if youve ever seen them medieval movies like robin hood youll see what i mean!

    theres some links i checked out a while back and their quite good:





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    Prince Rai

    Default Re: The MOORS. Islam 700 year rule in Europe

    on channel 4 there is another programme scheduled about islam an sufism!!

    worth watching to get an idea

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