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Thread: Lil' Fame & Termanology LP out NOW

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    Dope album.

    I like it better than the Sean P (sue me) and chino xl album, but it falls behind the reloaded, wu block and Dice game.

    Fizzy did his thing with the beats (criminally underated) that alchemist beat is a banger, signature premier heat and statik selektah makes this album work really well as a cohesive body of work...Be spinning this for sure...

    Wow....There has been dope shit this year!..

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    ^ co-sign what you just said.. this is very good, it could have been better but that's not the point. Fizzy Womack is a great producer, and he is underrated considering he's been lacing MOP with heats for years, but i think he is starting to get the recognition he deserves with all the placements on the Wu-Tang albums on E1, this, Cormega's "Born & Raised", his work with AZ, etc.

    as far as beats go i was excited to see Jay "Waxx" Garfield in the credits, been a while. i read an article about him in The Source around 2002, then he produced some dope cuts for GZA and Cormega, and i've been checking for him ever since. his track here is one of my favorites too, "Not By You" - that's real vintage M.O.P. shit. every M.O.P. album needs a couple of songs like that, more laid back yet thumping in production and a more reflective lyrical side. that was a mistake they did with "Sparta" to not have anything like that as that's often MOP at their finest ("Muddy Waters", "Blood, Sweat & Tears", "Face Off 2000", etc.)

    i also got to give it up for Termanology, this is probably his best apperance on anything yet.. there's a lot of real good verses from him here, i especially felt him on his solo cut "The Greatest" (wow Fizzy did his thing on that beat).

    "Play Dirty" and "From The Streets" back-to-back was DOPE!! i love how all the tracks really match each other and flows together despite if it's Fizzy or one of the guest producers doing the track.. Fame got a great ear for beats (not sure about Term on that point, as his album from 2008 had many of the best producers of all time but it felt like he picked some of their worst beats lol).

    i will pick this up eventaully

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