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Thread: Yahovah or Yahveh?

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    Default Yahovah or Yahveh?

    Greetings SENIkOne

    Quote Originally Posted by SENIkOne
    From the HEBREW Language.

    Peace to every Muslim and Muslim son

    Allah according to Muslims is the GOD of Abraham. the god of Abraham was and always be Yahweh, Shalom.


    It would be worth the effort to see the difference between Jahve(Yahweh) and Jehovah(Yahowah).

    Both are spelled YHVH.

    JHVH: Yod He Vau He; this is the Holy Tetragrammaton
    Tetragrammaton is a Greek word that literally means: Sacred Four Lettered Name.
    It is said that it is unpronouncable, it is made of four consonants. It is unpronouncable because the Holy Name of your own Being is so sacred, the ego/the mind can never pronounce it's vibration.
    But, the Gnostics pronounce this sacred name (in general) as Yod-Chava or Jehovah.
    This can be pronounced in various ways, Jave or Yahwe is the way to pronounce the name of one particular Monad. This particular Monad is from the Hebrew pantheon and it happens to be spelled with the same four letters of the sacred name.
    The Monad, the Inner Being never falls. The human soul is what falls, it is the human soul of Jahve that has fallen and become an Arch-Demon. The Monad of this Arch-Demon is still a great Master of the White Lodge. The human soul of Jahve is divorced from its Intimate Being. The Monad of Jahve has withdrawn due to the horrible actions of its child.
    The Black Lodge follows the fallen Boddhisatva, the Arch-Demon: Jahve. That is why the Zionists have corrupted our concept as to the "true pronunciation of the Name of God", they want us to unconsciously assimilate the forces that this Arch-Demon channels in hell.
    No matter what the Name of your Monad is, it is still the Holy Tetragrammaton. You must understand what the Tetragrammaton means, what it symbolises (this has been dealt with in many of other posts on this forum).
    There are many Names of God. "Split a piece of wood and you will find me, lift a stone and I am there...". For example, the Hebrews have a name for God in each Sephirah in each of the Four Worlds and many more... It depends upon the level of Being one is referring to.
    I hope this cleared some cobwebs for you."

    The Aquarian Message

    “The Roman soldiers who crucified the Adorable One constituted the honorable guards of Javhe (and Caiaphas). Thus, this is why Javhe is now crucified within the abyss. This is his karma; the cross of the devil is inverted. Therefore, Javhe is crucified with his head downwards and his feet upwards.”

    “Javhe has a very grave Karma, since he was the secret perpetrator of the crucifixion of Christ (or torture of the physical body of Jesus), and Javhe is also directly responsible for the failure of human evolution on the Earth.”...

    "...Jahve is a fallen Boddhisatva. A demon is Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth FALLEN!
    Therefore, the Intimate of Jahve, the God that the Boddhisatva emanated from, is God, was God and will always be God. The Boddhisatva fell and is now an Arch Demon that is in jail in the abyss.
    Jehova is another Angel completely. Jehovah is the Angel that rules over the Moons. Jehovah rules Eden, Yesod (which is ruled by the Moon), Jehovah rules the Sexual force like the Pineal Gland rules the Sexual Glands, like Neptune rules the waters.

    In ancient Hebrew, there are no vowels, only consonants. So, they happen to share the same four consanants according to the way the Hebrews spell the name. YOD HE VAU HE One God is name Jehovah and that God has a Boddhisatva that is not fallen, but standing, fused with the Christ. Another God is named Jahve, a great God in heaven who has His Boddhisatva fallen, an Arch-Demon that is involving in Hell! When we speak of Jahve, we are almost always referring to the Demon, the fallen Boddhisatva because the God Jahve is not so active in this corner of the universe because of the tragedy of His son. When Zionists are speaking of Jahve they are always referring to the Demon because Jahve is their incarcerated leader that they worship and adore. They want you to worship him too so they put his name all over the old testaments in their new translations of the scriptures

    Understood? "

    According to my understanding, Yehovah-Elohim is the name of Binah the Holy Spirit.

    And, if I'm not mistaken; Hebrew is a dialect of Aramaic, and also that Arabic is older than both.


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    Default Re: Yahovah or Yahveh?

    YAHweh Fam thats it..


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