I read today that roughly 40 percent of American's believe God created humans in his image and a further 35 odd percent believe that evolution happened but it was directed by a God.

In a country like this, how can you not expect this kind of desperation to prove something which cannot be proven (or disproven for that matter).

There are some very intelligent individuals who argue well against even the astutest atheists. But their strength is obfuscating the fact that there is no proof for believing in this concept/hypothesis. They rely on the argument that there is more proof for the existence of God than proof that God does not exist. Which is a completely different thing.

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i emailed the faggot too
i await a retort
haha, that's great.

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except im a christian who does not live in fear. why would i need to live in fear?

why do you you THINK i live in fear?
Why would a Christian live in fear? Life and death is nothing if you subscribe the Judeo-Christian concept of eternal existence.