Our favorite gourmet chef/Queens rapper, Action Bronson, has got a new project coming out Thursday (November 14). Produced exclusively by The Alchemist, Rare Chandeliers also sees guest appearances from ScHoolboy Q, Roc Marciano and Styles P, to name a few. The release will serve as Actionís first since signing a deal with Vice/Warner Bros. Records and joining Paul Rosenbergís Goliath Artists roster. We caught up with Bronsolino to get the scoop on the making of the project, itís mesmerizing cover art, and the Tarantino-inspired video for the projectís first single, ďThe SymbolĒ. Very rare.

XXL: Alchemist and you have been cool for a while now. How did this project come to fruition?

AB: Well, he hit me maybe a year and half ago on Twitter and weíve really just been working and chilling since then. We recorded a song in Queens a while back that didnít actually make the album. Then I went out to L.A. maybe four or five times to record. Itís better to work with somebody hand in hand. I donít like doing that computer thing. The music doesnít get the same feeling.

Youíve done most of your projects exclusively with one producer. Whatís working with Al like compared to hitting the studio with Tommy Mas, Statik Selektah, Party Supplies etc?

Itís a whole experience of going out there. You never know whoís gonna come out to Alís crib. Thereís always rappers around, and his house is like rap camp. When Iím there, everybody comes through and we chill. Motherfuckers want me to barbecue obviously. They all hear about the legendary things that I make. It just becomes a whole spectacle and now Iíve got this whole extended fam out there. Odd Future, Earl and Dom are always coming through.

When you start putting together your Vice/WB debut album will you work with more than one producer?

Nah, Iíll have songs from everyone. Everyone Iíve worked with will be on that album. From Alchemist to Party Supplies to Statik to Harry Fraud. Iím just trying to keep the love in the family and keep my own sound. As far as features, I never worry about that kind of thing. It comes when people like you and appreciate the music.

Looking at this tracklistÖ ďSylvester LundgrenĒ, ďDennis HaskinsĒ ďMike VickĒ. When it comes to choosing song titles, whatís in a name?

It seems like when I started naming songs after people it kind of caught on. Iím not gonna be like Ď Oh I started ití or what have you, but I definitely feel like I started naming songs after weird people and then I just saw an influx of people doing the same. So with something like ďSylvester LundgrenĒ, I just figured, ĎAight, Iímma take two people and put Ďem together. Thatís like the next level action hero.

Speaking of action heroes, we should probably talk about ďThe SymbolĒ video and this cover art. Are you the mastermind behind the art direction here?

Listen man, I donít like to toot my own horn, but I definitely was the mastermind. You want me to tell you exactly how it went down? We got a on a call. Me, my homie Chris from Vice, and the artist. I said ĎYo, I want to be on the cover in a tuxedo with a wolf on my head. I want there to be some sort of Chinese dudes with BMWs involved. I want an alligator with a gun for sure. And I need a bitch with a fat ass with a knife for a hand. Just thinking about like Grindhouse and Tarantino films, I needed something like that. I like seeing artwork like that. Iím an artist first, so I appreciate that shit. As far as ďThe SymbolĒ video, basically I was like ĎI need to be doing a split in a tuxedo and have funny looking bitches around.Ē Itís gotta be made into some sort of short film or something. No matter what. Iíll make it my personal investment if no one wants to do it with me.

How have things changed for you since inking a major label deal and this management deal with Goliath?

Dog, Iím driving around now with my right hand man. Weíre in Queens right by my house. Literally just driving around chilliní. Iím not out there in golden bath tubs. I mean, I could live that life, but I choose to live like I used to. Iím a Queens boy, man. Iím just comfortable where Iím at. As far as the music, Iím not gonna jump out the window and start doing down South club hits. I could do that. Iím versatile enough. Iíve rhymed over Little Mermaid type of beats, old Greek men songs, Iíve rhymed over any kind of beat that could be rhymed over. I just feel like more people are paying attention now so thereís more expectations. But I donít feel pressure to jump out the window. I just feel pressure to be me, and thereís really no pressure on that at all. I donít boast, I donít do all that other shit. I just want people to enjoy what me and Alchemist have done.