the israeli government mostly tolerated and sometimes supported the hamas. they didnt create them. i dont think they financed them or gave them weapons. they tolerated them because they acted as a counterweight against the PLO. however israel realised how stupid they were when hamas started firing rockets into their country.
I provided evidence from israelis own news agencys, from there intelligence commitee meetings, and from ron paul saying.. hamas was created to do a job,. they where there to fuck up the peace treaty, as has always been the case, they are doing what israel wants them to do.. giving them an excuse to eradicate gaza

whats did they're foreign policey person say.. ahh yes 'WE WILL SEND GAZA BACK INTO THE STONE AGE'

thats not terrorism??

its proven fact, that hamas is israeli controlled.. why dont u accept it? go back a page. links are all there, if u want more let me know.

hamas fire rockets into israel due to various reasons, mainly #1 being their masters told them too

this is a good article on the matter.

but please dont take this quote literally, "Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel's creation,".
he later goes on to say how israel tolerated them and this brought them to power. israel definitely didnt start the hamas.

WSJ? lol using pro zionist press, to show why israel are not doing wrong!!

kinda like this quote from murdoch (psy-ops everywhereee)

are u talking about the lehi party. they completely failed in politics. except 1 of the people who belonged to that party became prime minister but thats basicly it. and the prime minister was no longer a member of the party. and jews were heavily persecuted in the 40s by muslims.
can u name these political leaders. i know 3 prime ministers originally were in terrorist groups but mahority of those terrorist groups werent good in politics and barely won any seats. just 1 or 2 seats

Check out the IRGUN group

or read this on ariel sharon, and his terrorist background from the early 30's

some great background reading
Past Zionist-Jewish Terrorism -
Some Historical Facts

israeli pm's and they're links to terrorist groups ->

yes ive istened to harry fear. i completely agree that israel uses disproportionate force. however israel also warns people in certain areas to evacuate their homes. i define a terrorist as someone who deliberately attacks civillians in order to ahieve political goals. i suppose it depends on how someone defines a terrorist.
have you seen harrys older docs? he has covered so many terrorist events that israel has orchestrated. check his docs out!,

israel uses child shields, palestinian child shields. again i posted a link to the supreme court that overturned the ruling, saying its illegal to use child shields.. but the israeli militaty dont care. they openly over ruled the court of law! i will provide links at bottom again

the aid needs to goto the people suffering, not to the terrorist leaders, who are doing everythign they can. so gaza is wiped off the map,

thats all israel want!! all that land, no matter how they do it..

gaza was kicking ass, its economy was kicking ass..

so israel did what they did..

enjoy these images..

^^ bit extreme but on point

israel has an iron dome., that the us paid for, cos during cast iron., 3 israelis where killed.. compared to how many palestinians?

regardless.. israel wil and always be the aggressor, as they have taken all that land, against all laws, rules, and justice. they continue to be the agitator, they can never be classed as being defensive..

and how can hamas control where they;re home made weapons go?/

you said u check harry fear.. u seen his reports/interviews saying israel is targeting children? and funeral parades?? what do you think? thats not terrorism?

this is the agenda!!
Talks about making terrorism so unthinkable by flattening Gaza so that no terrorists would ever attack Israel again. I guess that's why they're murdering civilians including kids with planes, this man needs to be charged with war crimes!

this is a dope news feed,

im so glad, the anonymous collective let facts do the talking..

press release last night from anonymous, due to the israeli govt classing anonymous as terrorists.. lol israeli govt must be butt hurt.

this covers so much, check it.

Greetings from Anonymous,

It has come to our attention that conservative and pro-Israeli groups throughout the blogosphere have taken advantage of Operation Israel, attempting to solidify public opinion against Anonymous. posted an editorial this morning which stated the following: "If you ever doubted that Anonymous was a terrorist organization, they have now removed all reason for doubt." The article only contained 55 words of original content by the site itself, the other 90 percent of the article was selected quotations by mainstream media sources.

Let us once again be perfectly clear: Anonymous does not in any way support the use of violence. Anonymous is a world wide collective of individuals whose means pursue human rights, justice, and universal equality for the citizens of every nation. Pro-Israeli groups throughout the world have grown from a foundation of Israeli/US propaganda and lies.

They arbitrarily dismiss the apartheid system of racial segregation and oppression imposed by the Israeli government on the Palestinian people. The fact of the matter is, in the eyes of the media, only the United States and it's allies are capable of labeling another state or organization as a terrorists. Throughout our campaign, we've been inundated with one response in particular; references to Hamas hiding in school buildings or using women and children as human shields. Selective memory seems to have given pro-Israeli organizations the ability to forget that in 2005 Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz appeared in court to defend the practice of using Palestinians as human shields in combat after a supreme court outlawed the practice, noting it violated International Law. The reasons for Anonymous intervention through #OpIsrael should be abundantly clear: What is happening in Palestine is oppression. They have no navy, no army, or air force. There is no war in Gaza. There is only the continuous application of military force by Israel in an attempt to push every last person out of the Palestinian state, despite international laws that make these efforts illegal. This illegal expansion of territory by Israel in to the Palestinian state has been ongoing since1948, making refugees of over 700,000 Palestinians. Today, Palestinians are not permitted to live in Israeli settlements, drive on Israeli roads or even travel is the “security” areas surrounding them. These Israeli only housing developments are being built on stolen land, even while being called illegal settlements by the International Court of Justice. The violence inflicted upon the civilian residents of Gaza is well documented, despite the fact that Israel has adamantly opposed intervention by human rights organizations and the IDF constantly blocks and harasses international journalists. Despite these facts, Anonymous has not used any anti-Semitic language during our campaign. Nor have we vocalized any support for Palestinian military operations or resistance groups. Our goal was to protect the rights of Palestinian people who are threatened with silence as Israel has made attempts to shut down cell phone and internet service throughout Gaza. We know what happens to victims of oppression when the lights go dark. It is also worthy to note, that as of yesterday, members of Anonymous participating in #OpIsrael were making attempts to augment our Gaza Care Package for civilians in Tel Aviv by translating the same documents in to Hebrew in the event that they lose access to internet service as well. We do not racially or geographically differentiate between victims of violence or oppression anywhere in the world. Both Palestinians and Israelis need to find common ground and end the violence that has already resulted in the deaths of innocent people, including children. Israel's advancement on Palestinian Territories and the racist oppression of Palestinian people needs to end. We are not terrorists. Governments that fund wars, practice deceit against their own citizens, condone corruption, and turn a blind eye to the deaths of innocent people are terrorists. The word terror does not belong to Israel or the United States. We will judge you by your actions. Peace and Freedom to all, #OpIsrael #Anonymous Anonymous Gaza Care Package: #OpIsrael Information and Tools: